Career/Education Advice - Graphic Design

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    Career/Education Advice - Graphic Design

    Hey pink07,

    Good business to be in. There are some pretty easy ways to get in the door. As for education, if you feel you have the talent, you can get away with a cert program. But, if you feel you need to have more seasoning, I would go to a 4yr program, and not an online program either. You will be missing a lot by doing so. The technical part would be fine, but, the little things that take place in classes that prepare you for the real world, like critiqueing would be missed. If you would like to go the best route, take a four year program down in Providence, at RISD. If I could do it all over again, that is the route I would take.

    GOOD LUCK, and hit me up with any questions anytime.

    I would not worry about a masters in design.
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    Career/Education Advice - Graphic Design

    Its not a bad career, I've been in it for about 10 years — its gotten far more competitive in the last few years though. I wouldn't recommend going the RISD route, such as Pollie recommended simply because of the cost - graphic designers do not make enough to justify a $40+K/year education. If you were going to be an accountant that would fine. But in reality expect to start making around $30K/year as a Junior Designer. It can take a number of years before you start making good money as well.

    I would suggest a school such as Mass College of Art (its where I got my education) just as good without the high pricetag — its very hard to get in there though, partly because of the price. But I would definitely avoid the online schooling, and getting into a school that's local will help you get into the design field here, it can be very hard if you haven't. I know, I've been in the position of hiring Jr. Designers and there is a lot of competition out there so its hard to stand out in the crowd.

    I also agree, don't worry about Master Degree's, I've never seen them help anyone all that much. If you do want to persue it further schools like the Portfolio School are great, but they will cost you $$$.