Peter Scworm's "Speaking volumes" article was timely for me as I just attended a small graduate commencement in NH yesterday.� The three speakers came from a�variety of fields (education, media, business) and thankfully spoke briefly.� At our post commencement lunch we laughed as the speeches were sarcastically summarized with one or two�phrases and the fact that next week we'd forget who they were.� I haven't the faintest clue who spoke at my Northeastern ceremony; the thing I remember was how cool it was sitting in the floor of the Old Boston Garden and seeing all the people in the stands!�I liked UMASS Amherst's idea of doing away with the speakers and focusing more on the graduates themselves.� After all, why do family and friends show up in the first place; to celebrate their loved one's accomplishment, not to hear the platitudes of some speaker.� Old traditions die hard, but I was glad to hear that some are mixing it up.