revengeofswimmah, I'm going to assume that you were just making an inflammatory remark, trying to bait people into getting in an argument with your obviously ignorant and sexist remark. If not, then I personally am sorry that your world view is so narrow that that is truly what you think of women's colleges.

I'm an alumna of a women's college and, after a few years, have come back to work at my alma mater as an admissions counselor. No, a women's college is not the right choice for every female high school student. But it can be for a great choice for many, including those who, in addition to getting a top-notch education, would benefit from the colloborative and empowering atmosphere at a women's college. That was certainly the experience I had and experience of most of my friends and alumnae whom I've met in my travels. No, not everyone had a perfect and positive experience, but what school can claim a 100% satisfaction rate among their alumni? However, it's been my experience that many of the alumnae from women's colleges attribute their successes to the lessons they've learned at their alma maters, both in and outside the classrooms.

As to women's colleges enrollment numbers:
True, there have been some recent schools who have decided to go co-ed within the last few years. However, my school, as well as those of the other remaining Seven Sisters, have seen application numbers steadiily go up, with also a corresponding increase in the caliber of applicants. I'd say there are still plenty of students who seek and appreciate the unique experience of attending a women's college. And no, despite what your irrational prejudices are, we are not all social rejects, lesbians, wallflowers, etc. etc. If someone dared to make such a statement here on campus, wow, there'd be 2000+ women who'd be happy to show you otherwise.