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Looking to move - any advice?

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    Looking to move - any advice?

    My family and I are looking to move to the 128/93 split area - husband works in Lexington. We have two small children, one of which will most likely be needing special education once he is public school age. I am looking for any advice, good or bad, as to what towns have strong families, strong schools, and strong sense of community. We have been looking online at Reading, North Reading, Andover, Wilmington, Acton, and Bedford so far. Any comments to share? I would greatly appreciate it!

    MC in RI

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    Looking to move - any advice?

    If you have a child that needs special ed, be very, very careful Basically, buy the smallest house you can afford in the community with the best schools. If you can buy in Lexington, you will have hit the motherlode, their schools are phenomenal (they vote overides without fighting about it - you have all those MIT and Harvard academics there). My best friend lives there and has an 8 year old with some pretty substantial learning difficulties and the services are the best.

    Acton also has excellent schools, but again, you will pay more for a house because of it. Then again, your house is worth more because of it. I am not familiar with any of the other towns you mentioned, but do your research. Good luck.

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    Looking to move - any advice?

    We live in Wilmington, and are very excited about the school system, although our 2 daughters are not yet in school. Our almost 3-year old has a speech delay, has been in Early Intervention, and we are starting the evaluation process to get her into the Wilm. public preschool with speech services. The people we have talked with so far are wonderful, and I have high hopes for her continued progress. Also, Wilmington started full-day kindergarten this year, which is another plus.

    I have family in Lexington, and though the schools are reportedly very good, the buildings themselves are falling apart.

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    Looking to move - any advice?

    I just thought of something you should always do - check SAT scores (not just MCAS). Boston Magazine has a link to statewide scores. Of course, it's not all that counts - some people want to live in a community with all different kinds of people and others don't care, so check it out.

    I do know that just because a town has a good school system does not automatically mean their special ed is tops also - it can greatly vary. But that is something you can research, parents of kids with special needs learning difficulties have very strong networks and I am sure there is a lot of information out there.

    I would not want to be making this deicison right now, but it is an excellent time to be buying.