Register out of district

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    Register out of district

    Hello, I would like to ask everyone's opinion on something.  I live in a town that is known for it's under performing school system.  Believe me, it's not good. For many reasons I decided to stay in this town and when my child was old enough for school I sent him to a Catholic school in a neighboring town.  He has done wonderfully and is now attending a Catholic high school.  This has been quite a struggle over the years since I am a single parent.  I have given up a lot to make this possible.  Few vacations, a 10 year old car, etc.  You all know the deal. 

    One of my neighbors has confided in me that she is sending her children to school in a near by town next year.  She is using the address of a relative to register them in this better school system.  Although part of me says this is none of my business another part of me can't seem to let it go.  It just seems so unfair and I really think it is putting so much pressure on her kids not to tell this secret.  She has "chosen" to be a stay at home mother and is now "working the system" to her advantage.

     There was a recent article in the newspaper outlining this problem and a person to contact to report this type of abuse. Would you tell?

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    Re: Register out of district

    I can relate to your frustration.  I also struggle to put my daughter into a good school.  It just is so unfair when some people get things for free and others have to pay.

    That being said, I don't know if I would turn her in.  It would really depend on the exact circumstances.  Are you friends?  Have you told her how you feel? 

    I agree this is could be very bad for her kids.  What kind of example is she setting?
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    Re: Register out of district

    I would report it. It is also an issue of state funding. The school is getting funding based on the number of registered dependents who live in town, not on how many kids show up at school. It is unlikely that your friend will register with the new town, in terms of taxes, etc, so the school won't receive the funding to support these kids even if they show up.

    If you don't report it, the school district will figure it out. Many districts have someone who checks into students who might not be living in town. They then confront the parents and the child has to attend their home district. It can take awhile, but it happens eventually.