This article highlights a very disturbing trend and like everything in the world the actually causes and the appropriate solutions will fall on deaf ears and never be implemented. The one item that makes this ?phenomenon? so disgusting is the victims, innocent young boys. Today they are born into a sexist society. Many of whom are way too young and immature to understand the complex world they have un-willingly been born into. A world complicated by high-brow idealism developed by radical feminism and biased education policies that nurture girls and deliberately undermine boys. And by saying sexist I mean sexist against men! Surprised, you really shouldn?t be ? turn on the TV. The advent of girls exceeding boys academically and in other areas is not because feminism un-locked some mystical feminine power oppressed for centuries by a global masculine conspiracy. Neither is it because females are better than males ? this is uttered publicly in all forms and the fact its acceptable underscores my former point that we live in a sexist/anti-male society. Finally, in no way is this caused by the female gender evolving faster than males ? the notion is completely ridiculous, evolution takes hundreds of years to occur not a decade. What has�happened over the recent years is an institutionalized anti-male campaign sometimes silently other times overtly supported by our government at all levels and without a doubt entirely perpetuated by mass media/pop culture. The notion that popular culture is a negligible force in shaping our children and ourselves is, perhaps, the greatest open secret kept from Western civilization. Whenever this issue is brought to the fore scores of pseudo-data, armies of experts and pundits rush to dispel any suggestion that mass media and all its depravity has anything to do with influencing how we act and see the world. Of course someone critic of the media-complex in the -->-->US-->--> has to go through the media in order to express that opinion and the media has an inherent interest not to bad mouth itself. And, if you think that you are not influenced by what is on TV, internet, radio etc, I?m sorry but you are blind. This is the most powerful force in the world, possibly in history - we see the world through the media?s eyes. They make the myths. And in relation to young boys they see a goofy image of an incompetent pathetic male ? just watch any TV show. Corporate -->-->America-->--> has fully embellished sexism as well; advertisements routinely show the male as a buffoon and the female as the dominant individual. What would happen if the role was reversed? Answer, the PC police would snuff it out immediately and brand the offender as a supporter of sexism against women. When was the last time a true male movie was made? Gladiator, the 300 ? yes, they qualify but this is few are far between. Meanwhile pro-female entertainment abounds. The notion of equality has mutated into women trying to act like men and popular culture driving us to accept this as normal. Social engineering, I believe it is, and on a larger scope than Nazi Germany. On the education front, perhaps most relevant to the boys crisis, deliberate policies in public education have in many ways turned public schools into anti-male institutions. A couple of anecdotes: In the late 90?s the Wall Street Journal reported that during recess all games on the play ground will be forcibly co-ed. Actual criteria such as reading assignments have changed? one such article on boys in crisis cited a boy struggling in school, primarily because he lacked interest in reading books like ?Memories of Ghisha.? It is the norm for schools to now discourage boys from acting masculine and instead indoctrinated them to think more feminine; alternatively, girls are encouraged to act more masculine versus feminine. Feminism wants equality? I add that boys are not ?acting? at all, rather they are responding to deep-seeded instincts that make up the primary difference between men and women. That said, the mystery of boys in angst, confused and lashing out starts to become clear. What needs to happen is a rationalization of society, a backlash against the abuses of the power of the media and a cultural acceptance that although we should all be seen as equal there are ?natural? differences that make individuals and gender unique. Although, we live in the illusion that human achievement can overcome nature, in actuality we are very much subordinate to it and the balance we all seek in this world can be achieved if certain things are left to develop without artificial influence. Some of these things are not�what radical feminist want to hear. Boys are different; they should not be indoctrinated, like the Nazi youth, to be something they are not. Yes, they are more aggressive and physically stronger than girls, and this continues into adulthood. More intelligent, I?d say that depends on the individual, but just because a person is a male doesn?t mean they shouldn?t receive an equal an appropriate education.�We are torturing our children.