When did THIS begin?

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    When did THIS begin?

    It used to be that classroom (elementary school) bullies would target their ... well, their target. The bullies would go running scared (or afraid to get caught) when an adult was about.

    Now, children as young as 10 are staring down the adults. We had a situation in my daughter's school yesterday, where the bully threatened to beat up her best friend on the way home. The bully saw me talking to the friend at pick-up time, but was far enough away that she could not hear the conversation. For all the bully knew, I could be talking about pizza. But, she knew better.

    As I made my way over to the principal to report this, bully's eyes followed me, mean expression on her face. She kept walking near me, then back to her friends, laughing. This is a 9-year-old girl, trying to intimidate a 50-year-old woman. (It didn't work - I made my report to the principal, and he called both children over, to speak with them separately and confidentially.)

    She is a new student. Therefore she:

    1) has already established herself as one of the tough kids


    2) Is not worried about being disrespectful to grown-ups and

    3) Tries to intimidate grown-ups.

    When did young children start doing this? Surely not in the 1960s, when I was going through elementary school.

    What do you think is going on in the homes of these children, that they feel they have to act out at school?

    I walked my daughter's friend home, because the child was scared (the mother is depressed, and rarely able to walk her child to/from school). The bully followed behind us the entire way, on the same side of the sidewalk, keeping pace with us.

    Thoughts, please? Has the world gone mad?
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    When did THIS begin?

    The world has gone insane. It's very, very sad.

    Just out of curiosity - is the 9 year-old in question bigger than you are? Maybe she thinks that size is the only thing that matters?
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    When did THIS begin?

    Reindeergirl, good for you to report the incident. Many would not have done that out of fear for their own child.
    There was a time, when students were respection their teachers and their classmates. That has gone completely out the window.
    I was volunteering when my children went to school, and could not believe the way the students talked back to me. I would never allow my own children talk like that to us. I think if children are allowed to behave like that at home, they believe they can do it at school as well.
    Keep walking your daughter to and from school. The bully must know you reported her and may have an eye out for your daughter.
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    When did THIS begin?

    I am appalled on a regular basis by the behavior of children toward adults and even more by the adults that do nothing to correct/discipline them. Even some of my friends' kids take a tone with me that I still don't take with my own parents. When I was young and was caught misbehaving by ANY adult, I knew I was in trouble. Now, its as if they almost dare you to do something and their sense of entitlement is shocking. If this is the generation that will be taking care of me when I am old and gray I'm in big trouble.
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    When did THIS begin?

    Join the club.

    In my high school, if there was fight outside, it usually didn't take long for some in the crowd to jump in - like some kind of mosh pit. Teachers didn't bother to break it up for fear of getting hurt themselves - they at least had good sense in that respect. I saw knives, bats, billy clubs, umbrellas, chains, etc. (this was before metal detectors.)

    Walking home from school meant that safety was only in numbers and sometimes even that wasn't good enough. I can't count the number of times I was 'jumped' by roving gangs - sometimes I fought my way out of it, and other times I took a beating.

    One thing is certain - children should never be afraid to defend themselves. If they don't know how, then they should be taught to do so. Bullies only prey on those whom they perceive as being weak. Usually strength-of-mind is enough, but so too strength-of-heart is needed to overcome tyranny at any level.
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    When did THIS begin?

    THIS began at the same time the rest of THIS CRAP began: when criminals got more rights than victims, when people were sued by burglars hurt in their homes, when people like you gave the little Bit** a slap in the mouth and got sued rather than supported by the kid's parents, when Principals got climbed all over by parents pi55ed off that they were called to the school cause their princess was questioned. That is when THIS began.