Why College Costs SOOO Much

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    Re: Why College Costs SOOO Much

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    I think it is safe to bet that in a few years or even sooner- the "educational bubble" will burst as well. Tuition goes up and up and up, as do fees and other expenses. In the past few years, an entire generation of people went to expensive schools for undergrad degrees, masters degrees, and so on because they were TOLD they had to in order to succeed by parents, teachers, career counselors, the media and more. Now, this generation is strapped with massive student loan debt and limited job options that much of the time do not pay back the educational investment to a comfortable level, ie- student loan payments take up a sizable portion of your pay. Much like expensive mortgages, many recent graduates are "underwater" on their student loans: The amount of money they earn and have the possibility of earning is much lower than the debt and interest they are carrying from their education. This issue will keep many from owning a home, buying a new car, being able to comfortably provide for their families, etc. For some, it may even lead to more difficult times as interest rates rise or payment plans increase monthly dues in a manner that does not match or keep up with income gains from raises or new jobs. Many are out of work or underemployed right now as it is, making this situation worse. I find it interesting that while everyone grouses over the housing bubble bursting- no one has paid attention to the "educational bubble". Colleges and universities with HUGE endowments, very well paid professors, deans, etc. And still- the prices go up, up , up. In many cases, universities have appeared to become financial black holes. Years ago, it was respectable to be a butcher, grocer, welder, chef, carpenter, mason, etc. etc. Now, those professions are looked down upon and everyone needs degrees to be lawyers, "administrators", "project managers", accountants, and so on. But the market is flooded with these professionals and the cost of obtaining those degrees no longer matches the financial opportunity (overall). Which is why now- we have contractors, mechanics and plumbers being able to charge top dollar and in some cases earning close to or even MORE that the "professional" they are offering their services to. Thus, I believe it is safe to say that in some way shape or form, education is going to take a hit next and we may once again see a rise in vocational career paths. The trend already seems to be starting with the growing popularity of cooking shows, home design and instructional shows, reality shows focusing on mechanics and engineering, you name it. It's just a theory, but I think the evidence points to this possibility.
    Posted by Bynxers

    The colleges and universities have not yet been charged with price fixing. A good question for Congress is:
    "Why haven't they been examined or punished for doing something other companies do?"
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    Re: Why College Costs SOOO Much

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    Private schools aren't worth the money. Brandeis, Amherst College, Emmerson, and BU are no better than UMass - Amherst. Whit these non-Ivy private schools you're just paying for the name, not the quality of education.
    Posted by LibraryMan

    I think you are mostly correct with this statement. I went to a state school a couple years ago and currently work side by side with BU, Northeastern and and Emerson grads. We all make the same, work on the same stuff etc..

    They probably had an easier time finding work after college and will always find work easier than me, but once you have a few years experience, it's all about how you carry yourself.....
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    Re: Why College Costs SOOO Much

    Is this really a question that people don't know the answer to?

    There are too many administrators making WAY too much money at each college. Cut the fat lower tuition.

    Big schools have exorbidant endowments that they continue to hoard. Why not have a little less in that unnecessary pot and lower tuition.

    Our state gave more money to Private Universities like MIT, Harvard, BC and BU last year than we did to fund the State institutions and schools like UMASS Boston and Amherst and every other State College is forced to cut teachers and cause class sizes to increase. This doesn't effect high tuition so much as it is a Glaring problem with how our tax dollars are grossly mis-spent and we are fleeced whether we attend college or not so it all comes out of our wallet somehow.

    Dorms are required at many schools for Freshman and Sophomores and if you ever look at the price to live on the dorm you could rent an apartment for 2 years for the price they gouge you and that is reflected in the overall cost of attending.

    Meal plans are also another way that the "college experience" is inflated as they are way out of wack for crap food. CRAP FOOD

    The easiest way to lower tuition is to LOWER TUITION and stop hoarding the money which they are going to lose to some ponzy scheme anyways. Stop OVERPAYING their high ranking administrators and it will come down.

    The real issue at hand here that everyone seems to miss isn't why tuition is high. Rather, why certain professions require a Bachelor's from it's applicants.
    I know myself, I am in Sales and a requirement for my job is a Bachelor's degree. Bachelor's degree in WHAT??? What could possibly be related to Sales in College?!? I work with guys who were English Majors and History Majors and Sociology Majors. What does that reflect upon sales?!?!
    But, we are stuck in a system that requires this of us or else we are working medial jobs for terrible pay. So we bite our tongue, Pay through our nose and take it in the a----s-------s from the institutions that KNOW that we have no other option but, to be one of the lucky 1-in-a-million entrepreneurers who don't need to go to school to make it big.

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    Re: Why College Costs SOOO Much

    In Response to Why College Costs SOOO Much:
    I spent 6 years in college. I spent 15 years paying for it. The secret that no one wants to articulate is that college is just a way to delay entry into the real world. What I learned in 6 years of study I leanred in 6 months on the job. A very successful and well connected man once told me that unless you are learning a very specific skill, the only thing a college educatuion proves is that you are willing to do a great deal of work for very little reward. That's why employers like to see them.
    Posted by mrb70

    You are DEAD ON!!!!!
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    Re: Why College Costs SOOO Much

     University of California Berkeley ranked # 70 Forbes is now the most expensive public university in the USA.

    "Every qualified student should get a place in the college/university system." That's a desirable goal for a public university. However, UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau displaces qualified Californians with $50,600 foreign and out-of-state students.

    UC tuition increases exceed the national average rate of increase. The University of California Board of Regents jeopardizes Californians attending higher education by making UC the most expensive public university in the United States.

    Self-serving tuition increases are used by UC President Mark Yudof to increase the pay of 80,000 eligible faculty and others. Payoffs like these point to higher operating costs and still higher tuition for Californians.

    I agree that faculty in higher education and senior management, like Yudof and Birgeneau, should consider the students' welfare and put it high on their values.

    Deeds unfortunately do not bear out the students' welfare values of senior management and the UC Board of Regents.

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