A comedy of errors turns into tragedy in Fall River

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    A comedy of errors turns into tragedy in Fall River

    So many things went wrong in Fall River last week at the Veteran's Memorial pool where Marie Joseph drowned.
    First..what does it say about the maintenance and upkeeep of that particular pool if a dead body can sit at the bottom of the pool for two days. How long would it have been there if it had not eventually floated to the top?
    I am an avid swimmer and rarely pass up an opportunity to be in a pool...but I can tell you without question that I am not even dipping my toe into a pool in which the water is so cloudy you can't see the bottom. It's just not happening.

    Second, if we are to believe the account of this 9 year old boy who reported seeing Marie Joseph go under and not resurface...then it is clear that the 6 lifeguards on duty did not follow protocol. In fact..it seems they didn't follow protocol anyhow..regardless of whether you believe the 9 year old boy..since they are supposed to clear and inspect the pool at regular intervals throughout the day.

    Third, I find all these interviews with supposed "friends" of Marie Joseph interesting. Where were these friends when she disappeared under the water? Didn't they wonder why they didn't see her..but her stuff was still sitting at the side of the pool...? Makes me wonder how much they were really her "friends".

    Finally..and I don't know how you fix this one...it has been widely reported that Marie Joseph could not swim. If this is true...what was she doing going down a waterslide in 12 feet of water..?
    Regardless..no one deserves to lose their life at a community pool. This is a tragic event and one that could no doubt have been prevented or at least mitigated has any one of the above comedy of errors been rectified.

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    Re: A comedy of errors turns into tragedy in Fall River

    I agree that there's more to this story.  I'm still thinking body dump.