Are Boston parking signs confusing?

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    Are Boston parking signs confusing?

    A story in today's Globe claims many parking signs in Boston are too confusing to figure out. Have you had any trouble deciding whether or not it is OK to park in a space?

    Have you gotten any parking tickets that surprised you? If so, did you try to fight the ticket? Share your parking sign stories.

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    Are Boston parking signs confusing?

    mine was a $120 ticket at Symphony Hall, on St. Stephens street.� used to be four meters separated by a handicaped space at the bank. so when I saw an empty meter at 5:00 I took it.� well times had changed.� the meters turned into Handicap spaces at 6:00.� couldn't believe it.� returned to the scene on Saturday to verify.� yep, it was clearly marked.� but after parking there occasionally for 30 years to go to Symphony, who would think to look for new signs.�the Boston Parking Dept. said they could not dismiss any tickets if in fact you were truly illegally parked.

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    Are Boston parking signs confusing?

    I have seen many streets in Boston that have 2 signs on the same pole.� One says No Parking Any Time.� The one above it says No Parking on Wednesdays (or whatever day) during Street Cleaning 8AM - 12 PM.� Does this imply that you can park there in non-street cleaning hours?� Who knows?

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    Are Boston parking signs confusing?

    My favorite local sign is on the north side of E 3rd St between L and K in Southie.� There are three signs on a pole; in top-to-bottom order:1) no parking during street cleaning days (something like every Mon)2) no parking during snow emergencies3) no parking Now, to a rational person, the last one [no parking.� ever.] would seem to make the first two irrelevant.� Or it's just a trap to get people to park there.� I've never gotten a ticket in this spot, but I'm sure they've tagged some people.� Only in Boston...

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    Are Boston parking signs confusing?

    I usually take the T to work.� But a server crashed in work and I did not know�if I would be there�until after the T closed,�so�around 11pm I�went to the T parking lot at Quincy Adams, got my car and drove into Boston to park.� I found a legal parking space on Canal Street (after 6pm parking was not metered). Great, or so I thought.I went into work to work on the server and was there longer than I thought.� I figured I'd go out at 6am and move my car to the Fleet Center (as it was known then) garage to avoid the parking meter violation.� I get to my car and I had a ticket for a street cleaning violation.� Here I am, being the repsonsible citizen trying to do the right thing and avoid a ticket.� I was not in the least bit happpy.� I looked up and down the street for a sign and finally found one about 15 parking meters down the street buried by a overhanging tree branch.�To make matter worse, the Celtics had a playoff game (a few years ago) and the sidewalks and streets were a mess.� The city never even bothered cleaning the streets, but I still got a ticket.� I appealed and my appeal was denied.A word to anybody who drives into this city.� Beware,�this city�will do anything to make a buck off of you driving in here (unless it is Christmas).

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    Are Boston parking signs confusing?

    Once I was driving through the city at night in the early hours and came upon a set of traffic lights. The red light was on and the green arrow (pointing upwards) was on as well. I wanted to go straight through the intersection. What was I supposed to do?!

    As it turns out, there was a sign posted on the side of the road. It had tiny print that could only be read by Bugs Bunny.... so of course I couldn't read it while driving at night cuz I ain't him. But my friend who knew about it told me that the sign basically reads something like "Stop Before Left Turn between Midnight and 6 am".
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    Are Boston parking signs confusing?

    Understandable that some signs are confusing. However, not all signs are and people's lack of taking the time to read the signs is usually to blame for the mess. Such issues come about when loading zones for example become 2 hour parking later in the day. Just because you see 2 Hour Parking doesn't mean you don't have to read the rest of the sign(s). In the instance of a sign that says No Parking followed by another sign that says No Parking Street Cleaning (with the appropriate dates) followed then by a sign that says No Parking During Weather Emergency, this series of signs makes sense, just not for regular motorists. Now, most of us know that when a sign says No Parking with no exceptions then it should be construed as meaning "don't park here." However, different non-passenger vehicles such as taxis and commercial vehicles can park in those areas for specific amounts of time. Thus, those signs make perfect sense to them.

    Always check the signs though. And just because you may park there for how many odd years without getting a ticket when the sign clearly states you can't park there, should you get a ticket, then please understand the fault is your own and at least understand you got away with parking there for who knows how long scott-free.

    Most meters in Boston shut off at 8pm. Be mindful of the inserts in the meters when parking to make sure there aren't restrictions on those meters for different times, most notably during the 4-6pm rush hour period. Meters in the city are built with a 6 minute grace period, so for those of you who still harp on the "it just ran out" line, give it a rest. The 6 minute grace is built in specifically to counter any such argument. One last thing, you're there for 2 hours = you pay for 2 hours. Just because it's 7:45pm and in 15 mins the meters shut off doesn't mean you don't have to pay. Are you ok with your boss not paying you for the last 15 mins of your day? 15 mins = 15 mins. It doesn't shut off until the time on it. Be careful.

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    Are Boston parking signs confusing?

    If you think Boston is bad, check out some of the signs where the amateurs are erecting signs.� For example, here's an oxmoron on Broadway in Arlington:

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    Are Boston parking signs confusing?

    your succinct explanation leads me to believe you are somehow involved with the BTD.

    Therefore, next time I park at a two hour meter, i will be taking a picture of said meter with 2:00 remaining, which will be time-stamped.
    (Say...I'll park on Newbury at...11 AM. past morning rush, past delivery truck time, before evening rush, way before dinner valets, and if a street sweeper can navigate through then, I'll give them a gold medal.)

    my point is...should I get a parking ticket time stamped between 1:01 and 1:07 pm, you bet this will be exhibit A in my appeal hearing!