I appreciated the article on bird protection on the Cape.On the Charles River, the Department of Conservation and Recreation is on exactly the wrong side.Working through agents, the DCR has now been destroying protective native vegetation twice a year for five years.Working through agents, the DCR has been poisoning the eggs of as much water fowl as they can get away with for five years.In 2006, the Charles River was suddenly dead from the harbor to the Mass. Ave. bridge.� THE DAY BEFORE THAT, the DCR applied Tartan herbicide to Ebersol Fields near Mass. General Hospital.�� Tartan's label prohibits use near water.� The DCR did that because the DCR had converted Ebersol Fields from GREEN maintenance to CHEMICAL maintenance.� The DCR and Cambridge are about to destroy GREEN maintenance at Magazine Beach and replace that with CHEMICAL maintenance as well.� Cambridge and the DCR have contempt for GREEN practices.At Magazine Beach, the DCR and Cambridge destroyed wetlands to instal a bizarre wall of bushes walling of Magazine Beach from hungry water fowl and from the Charles River.� Their apologists explain that WALLING OFF THE CHARLES with bizarre bushes makes swimming easier.This project combined with Cambridge's plastic wall at the river across from the Hyatt simultaneously in September 2004, took all the food away from the Charles River White Geese along with 95% of their 25 year habitat.Now the DCR is on the verge of destroying half of the remaining habitat as part of a "sidewalk project."We have major environmental problem on the Charles River.� The problem is a irresponsible state government, an irresponsible city government, and a governor who could care less.