The Blue Mass was started in 1934, in Baltimore, Maryland, in recognition and celebration, of our Police, Firefighters, and ALL first responders, heroism, dedication and Patriotism - Service to all, and above all.

This tradition is continued by the Immaculate Conception Church of Malden, and its constituent, Immaculate Conception, Knights of Columbus, Council - 13966, every year.

THIS year, this Anniversary Mass, falls upon the 10th anniversary of the September 11th, 2001, attacks upon our country.

At no other time in our history has the dedication and singular courage of first responders, become more apparent and appreciated.

In recognition of the unsung in our own backyard, there will be a Pancake Breakfast (the likes of which, our Council can only provide), to honor and thank them.

GfM, Officer, Knights of Columbus, Council, IC 13966