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Bo Burnham

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    Bo Burnham

    "I had to pull more strings than a tampon bandit"

    "Why do only crackers live at the Ritz ?"

    "Walking through the garden, with food at my feet,
    bent over to pick up celery ... and dropped a beat"

    This kid is an amazing talent

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    Bo Burnham

    Thanks for posting this Frank. Bo is a special talent. No telling where it will take him. And at 6'5" he'll be hard to miss. Talk about hitting You Tube at the right time. He reminds me of the politcal satarist, Mark Russell. Very very clever.

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    Bo Burnham

    Can't view youtube at work, but I'll check him out.� Saw the article in the Globe about him yesterday, and just reading the names of his songs made me laugh.� Another similarly funny youtube guy is Jon Lajoie, this Canadian guy.� If you've ever seen the popular (and very nasty) internet video of "2 girls, 1 cup", then you MUST see his video response to that song, it is hystericallly funny!� He has someother funny ones too.