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Bodybuilding firefighter seeks disability

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    Bodybuilding firefighter seeks disability

    I too grew up with and graduated with a guy who is now and has been for some time, a fire chief in a local city.  Salt of the earth perswon from when he was a kid. As  fire chief he volunteered at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11 and saw sights we hope to never see in our life time.  I'd guess the list of guys like Arroyo is short in comparison to those who take their job seriously and have integrity.  Rampant false disability claims can be found in most civil servant jobs and we only need to look at the United States Post Office for examples of questionable disabilities.  If a position has ties to government employment whether local, state or federal, chances are a disproportionate amount of claims are phoney. The lax system of fact checking coupled with all the red tape makes it tempting.  Back injuries are the most prevalent claims since they are difficult to diagnose with complete accuracy thus it is the disibility excuse of choice. Few get caught and of those, I wonder how many have to reimburse their disability checks.

    When I worked for a state agency, some hires would flounder in their positions for about a year or so and then all of a sudden they have dibilitating injuries and can't work. Ditto for non-profits. 

    So, this Arroyo was incapable of carrying out inspections but could bench press 300?  What a POS! 


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    Bodybuilding firefighter seeks disability

    It's nice that we finally have a fire comissioner with the stones to stand up to the union.  Even Hizzoner is geting in on the action.  I have a ton of respect for firemen in general, but the union is run by a bunch of cheats and frauds.  I'd be embarrased to be a member. 

    Two stories next to each other in the Globe today: "(scumbag)Lawyer Defends disability claim by firefighter" and "City payroll costs grow 25 percent, report says"

    I wonder if those two stories are at all realated?