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Boston Calling Festival

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    Boston Calling Festival

    Cards on the table, I'm a boomer.  But I keep up with the alternative print news and the rock stations.  But this one passed almost completely under my radar until two days before it started.  Ear to the usual rails, I didn't see anything about it, and heard almost nothing.  And (repeat boomer caveat) I've heard of only Fun and The Shins.  So, I thought, "20,000 - paying? Riiight..."  By selling many of the tickets to themselves, like the Red Sox did for who knows how long?  After most of the local schools are out?  In the face of the Esplanade and City Hall Plaza big name free summer concerts?  Vs. BofA Pavilion?  Gillette?  Etc.?!

    So, I went by Government Center on Saturday.  I take it back.  Whoa.  He got his 20,000.  And no doubt a mandate for next year, as long as nothing gets out of hand.

    Sooooo... What gives?

    Well, caveat for the third time, it looked like everyone was under 40.  Not one grey hair on any of them.  It could well have missed me.

    But now, I see that it was very heavily promoted in the NYC area, and the trains and buses were packed for days leading up to the weekend.  

    "Boston Calling" ...Now it makes sense.


    ED: Almost forgot: Probably the biggest/best sound system ever to rock Government Center.

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    Re: Boston Calling Festival

    "...And no doubt a mandate for next year..."

    Make that September.  The next "Boston Calling" (calling New York?) is in two months.