Boston Strong concert

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    Re: Boston Strong concert

    In response to ms_obstinate's comment:

    What a fantastic show ( with the exception of Dane Cook), at first the live streaming was twitching and you had to search for the right site to catch it on...CNN seemed to have the best link.

    What a blast watching Boston, the Extreme and J Giels perform, brought me right back to those middle school days. Then out comes NKOTB, and love 'em or hate them, they blew the roof off the Garden...they added Bel Biv Devoe and also tossed in some Boys II Men. Listening to Joey McIntyre speak of his Marathon Monday experience, had to have brought a tear to even the hardest of hearts.

    Carole King and James Taylor..... just perfect. And JT perfectly slides into Jimmy Buffet.

    Then the Dane Cook drama of the night, instead of the majority of the watercooler chatter this morning being of the great concert last night ...most of the chatter goes to Dane Cook and his sleazy way to become a trending topic by having his segment pulled from the live feed. His excuse, he didn't want his new material to get out. Whatever. That is more than enough time wasted on an unfunny comedian (?).  Now funny is.....Steve Sweeney.

    The show closes out with Aerosmith..... rocking hard. Singing the classics, Dream On, Sweet Emotion...Train Kept a Rollin, and Living on the Edge. Final song, what else Dirty Water as most of the guests joined Aerosmith for the close out.

    Even while listening to all that talent, the best parts of the show were the glimpses of the survivors. It gives you goosebumps and fills your heart with pride seeing how strong these real heroes are. Just over a month ago, they were forever changed yet there they were rocking the Garden with some of the biggest smiles I have ever seen. Boston is strong, but they are even stronger!

    Then Cook should not have used new material. His ego caused him to become the story rather than what should have been the story - the victims, the first responders and the people of Boston. I wouldn't have lost any sleep over not being able to see Cook's act. He's not even very funny.

    What I do find irritating and wrong is that for the entire 20 minutes of Cook's set, there was no live donation telephone number flashing on the screen etc. If he wasn't willing to have the live feed..he should have refrained from participating.

    I actually kind of feel bad for those in attendance who had to endure 20 minutes of bad comedy by

    As I stated on Twitter..Cook should hand in his "Boston Card". He used this event and the people of Boston for his own self interest. Such a loser.

    I think the promoters dropped the ball. I think it should have been broadcast live. If the goal of the event was to raise money, they would have raised a whole lot more with a live broadcast.

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