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Catholicism vs. Naziism

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    A carnival side-show

    Well, only the Good Lord knows when reader "Bopanopawitz" might go away, but it has not happened yet, although we did enjoy a short vacation. A reader of his post from last July 7, three doors up, will see that he announced his departure, but other nonsense of the same sort has since appeared.

    We don't happen to think that this reader is "stupid," "a moron" or "a clown," but his writings have indeed come across fairly often as childish and as fantasies. In fact, the one just above--offering a pseudo-legal rationale for a Nuremberg-style prosecution of Roman Catholic leaders--is in precisely that range.

    The legal decorations of Nuremberg were just that: decorations. There was no corpus of law on which to base prosecutions, so laws and procedures were simply invented. It became an extended victory bash, with a few of the war's winners taking revenge on a few of the war's losers. Of course, the general feeling on this side of the Atlantic at the time was that revenge was mostly well warranted.

    Above all, Nuremberg was a form of psychological persuasion, intended to convince working-class to upper middle-class Germans of the mistakes many of them made in supporting the Nazi causes and of the need for voluntary lustration. After the show trials of Nazi officials, the following trials had prominent groups of defendants, mostly drawn from business and professions, put up as teaching examples of moral turpitude.

    Although there were a few show trials of Japanese "war criminals," there was no equivalent to Nuremberg on the Pacific front. For better or worse, there also was never any voluntary lustration in Japan, as there has been in Germany. Displays of Nazi symbols remain vigorously prosecuted crimes in Germany, but symbols of the former Japanese empire rest in state shrines in Japan.

    However, appreciation of history does not appear to matter at all to reader "Bopanopawitz." Instead, he seems to have turned into a small-time carnival side-show barker, looking for the next sucker. Who knows? Maybe he will find one.

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    Re: Catholicism vs. Naziism

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