Channel 4 Morning News

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    Channel 4 Morning News

    The loss of Paula Ebben and the addition of Kerry Connolly have made a good news program into a junior high show.  Kerry is a proverbial laugher, interupter and sillyness maker.

    David Wade is now sinking to her level.   


    She was on Ch. 4  back a few years, and didn't last long.  Hopefully thye can terminate her once more.

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    Re: Channel 4 Morning News

    Maybe that's why I've been watching channel 5 morning news lately, I knew something was different!

    a little off topic:  What do you think of WBZ talk radio at night,  I have nothing against Jen...but I wish they would give Bradley and Morgan more time...and what happened to Dean, he was very good imo.

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