It is nice to see a good report on the Charles River water quality.� This, however, is the wrong time of the year.Private pollution is definitely being abated.� The DCR and Cambridge are going in the opposite direction.The algae infestation which first appeared in the latter part of 2006 could not honestly be called an accident.The DCR is aggressively destroying the natural environment on the Charles River.� They poison the eggs of as much water fowl as they can get away with.� They destroy protective vegetation twice a year now, driving away migrating birds.� The "explanation": We don't do that.� Our agents (the Charles River Conservancy) do that.� Outrageous, irresponsible and a continuing pattern.The algae blume is the result of destruction of green maintenance of the riverfront at Ebersol Fields near Mass. General Hospital.The DCR's beloved chemicals did not do as good a job as the green maintenance that the DCR destroyed, so the DCR applied Tartan, which is marked against use near water.� The next day, the Charles River was dead from the harbor to the Mass. Ave. Bridge.A Charles River swim in for 2006 was cancelled.� The 2007 event was moved up a month to be safe from a recurrence.The DCR and Cambridge (including all nine city councilors and�a school committee member)�are aggressively pushing destruction of green maintenance at Magazine Beach.This is part of an aggressive attempt to destroy all living beings in the area.� These reprehensible entities have deliberately starved the Charles River White Geese since September 2004.Introduction of chemicals to the green Magazine Beach has been delayed for years because of the irresponsible wall of bushes which replaced the wetlands at Magazine Beach.� These "native" bushes were so native that they kept dying, proving the lie of the DCR and Cambridge.� What was native was the vegetation they destroyed.The wall of bizarre bushes, of course, prevents river access to and from Magazine Beach.� The DCR's representatives conducted their own swim in in 2005 bragging that the walling off of Magazine Beach would improve swimming.� The Charles River Conservancey, of course.Part of the effects of that bizarre wall was the deliberate walling off of food at Magazine Beach to the near-30 year native Charles River White Geese.� The destruction of green maintenance would introduced needless chemicals into the diet of these beautiful beings.But, the same people who cannot understand how the Charles was dead THE DAY AFTER the introduction of Tartan will be pleased to praised the introduction of chemicals at Magazine Beach.� Who knows?� The next step could very easily be the death of the Charles above Mass. Ave.But the DCR, Cambridge, and their standins will be happy to spout lovely sounding euphemisms which hide a very, very vile reality.