The Globe's article on the demands that Jamaica Pond remain pristine and unused follows on the Globe's report of major expense of money on Ebersol Field combined with locking it up and keeping it from being used.

This part of a very sick package demonstrated by the ongoing fight by DCR and its agents to "improve" the Charles River.

You see, the DCR and its friends have flat out contempt for nature.  In fact, they have contempt for humans.

Ebersol Field looks so great.  They have driven away as much water fowl as they can.  They have driven away as many humans as they can.

How dare humans or animals want to use Jamaica Pond.!!!!  That would interfere with the current pristine and very fake glory there.

On the Charles River, there two types of vegetation.  One is relatively small stuff which is native and is use by migrating water fowl.  The DCR and its friends find this offensive.  So the DCR has been destroying as much as possible over the Charles River basin.  A quick look at what the DCR wants can be seen at Magazine Beach:  a magnificent and very bizarre wall of plantings which HAS BEEN PAID FOR.

The DCR's agents publicized this bizarre wall by bragging that this bizarre wall would help swimming on the Charles.


The contempt for living beings is displayed by that wall.  They have been starving the Charles River White Geese with that wall after spending four years repeadedly promising not to harm the Charles River White Geese.  The DCR explains that starving them is not harming them.

The DCR and Cambridge want to "improve" Magazine Beach by destroying the natural maintenance there and replacing it with chemical maintenance, and barring access to all those who are not improved.

The DCR has now spent five years poisoning the eggs of as much water fowl as they can get away with.  Water fowl around bodies of water!!!  Horrors.

The DCR wants to raise Magazine Beach to the level of Jamaica Pond and Ebersol Fields.

After all, the only people who are objecting are the human beings.  The animals who are being devastated cannot speak or understand the depravity, the gross incompetence, of the pols and bureacrats.

The developers, contractors and that type love what is being done. 

At Jamaica Pond, at Ebersol Fields, at Magazine Beach.

The developers, contractors and that type love the money, the organization, just as long as the bunch of them have the green stuff coming into them and as much as is natural receives as much destruction as is possible.