Cripple Bopope wannabe child abuse star

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    Cripple Bopope wannabe child abuse star

    !00% wannabe lamer. He will not do anything. His posts accuse with no proof. Lotsa wind not glory. Meanwhile 98% of child abuse is none of his concern. He does not care anything for children. Or adults for that matter. He just does not get it. Child abuse is the focus not the few pedophiles in one denomination. But all child sexual abuse. Wake up to that catholics, please.
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    Long-simmering problems

    Reader "topaz978" has been annoyed at reader "Bopanopawitz" for some time now. Reader "Bopanopawitz" has been on a mission, described elsewhere in this forum, to remove, somehow, "predators and their protectors in the Church," saying they can "be exorcised in 90 days." [Forums -> News -> Local -> Today's Catholics are responsible for tomorrow's child sex abuse victims, 9/27/2011 12:16 AM EDT]

    Reader "Bopanopawitz" did not seem to reflect that exorcism remains a ritual of the Church, which can only be performed by a priest with permission of a bishop. Reader "topaz978" asserts concern is needed for "all child sexual abuse" but has not shown such concern in messages here--only annoyance at reader "Bopanopawitz."

    We owe to the Boston Globe, starting in January, 2002, reports on what turned out to have been many instances of child sex abuse in Roman Catholic dioceses of Massachusetts, now documented, in part, over about the past seventy years. [ at ]

    So while the mission of reader "Bopanopawitz" may be improbable, the Globe is a likely vehicle. Starting in 2002, the Globe reported on long-simmering problems that apparently grew substantially during tenures of the late Cardinals Cushing and Medeiros but had been kept quiet before by news media as well as by the Church.

    More recently, clearly as a result of controversies inspired by the Globe, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops commissioned a study of similar problems, also funded by the U.S. Department of Justice, performed over several years by a team at CCNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice, with a report released in May, 2011. [ at under the title, "The Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests in the United States, 1950-2010" ]

    Among youth-serving organizations in the U.S., the report suggests particularly severe rates of child sex abuse in Roman Catholic churches. During 53 years under review, 1950 through 2002, the 2011 Jay College report found about 4 percent of active, U.S. diocesan priests had been investigated for sex abuse of children. [Jay, p. 8]