Dangerous intersection

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    Dangerous intersection

    The city's most dangerous intersection, located at the corner of American Legion Highway and Walk Hill Street in Roslindale, is getting a $9 million revamp. Are you familiar with the intersection? Have you ever seen or been involved in an accident there? Do you have any suggestions as to how to improve safety there? Do you think it is the design of the intersection or dangerous drivers that is to blame?
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    Dangerous intersection

    The problem with this intersection is that you can reach 70 mph coming from Blue Hill Ave towards Walk Hill. It's also a SCHOOL ZONE!!!! ( Haley School)

    When I was a kid, this was "the" racing spot. We called it "the 1/4 mile". The lay of the land is the same as it was then.

    But $9 million for an intersection? Please. All they need to do is put a timed-light around the Morton Street exit and make the far right lane a turning lane only.

    Still, all the money in the world ain't gonna make these folks better drviers......

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    Dangerous intersection

    $9 million to stamp a rumble strip into the roadway? Someone's walking around with $8.995 million in their pocket.
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    Dangerous intersection


    I hear the sarcasm in your response and I find that to be unfair. The intersection connects several parts of the city. Roxbury, Dorchester and Mattapan are not among them. Hyde Park, Roslindale and JP are closer and the intersection would be mostly frequented by residents of these neigborhoods.

    Anyone who is familiar with this stretch of road would tell you that drag racing, not the intersection or the residents of these neighborhoods, is the problem. The way to fix this is to have more traffic patrols targeting the practice of youngsters speeding along the route. There is nothing dangerous about an intersection with lights that work consistently. The danger is in the dragsters who try to beat the lights.

    I KNOW that the BPD is aware of this so let us not look for complex solutions to simple problems.

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    Dangerous intersection

    Save the $9 million......just plant a full time traffic pig there and let him go nuts writing speeding tickets until people slow down.