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Don't do it Deval!

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    Don't do it Deval!

    Don't release Arnold King. man wants what he�wasn't willing to give someone else...A second chance. �

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    Don't do it Deval!

    You know he's going to commute this guy's sentence and let him out.Killers, rapists and child molesters rejoice.� Massachusetts has a new governor in town and as long as you don't move next�door to him, your second, third and fourth chances await you.Obama is going to make Deval Attorney General of the United States or maybe even Secretary of Homeland Security.Deval's farewell speech....."I can do more for Massachusetts at the Federal level in the Presidents cabinet than here as your governor, I'm doing it for�YOU!!!"�

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    Don't do it Deval!

    Not only are we paying for his room and board, we paid for his education as well, I'll bet.

    Let him teach other inmates for the rest of his life in prison - he took a life, and never gave that man a chance to do something for his family, friends and community.

    He deserves to stay in jail.