With all of the recent news about wind-turbines making people ill, I think it is a shame that these people are in this situation now.

The fact is as I see it, the state/fed is in such a rush to spread their "green agenda" that they have no regard for the impact studies needed to protect the people of this state.  They are putting up huge turbines all over the place, in some cases very close to neighborhoods, i.e. Falnouth, kingston, etc.  Now, people are getting sick from the effects of these turbines, and all of the money is already spent.

I think alternative energy is great, we need it, but in some of these cases, the special interests rushed to get things going without looking at any impact studies.

Then there is Cape-Wind, which has been in the red-tape scenario for how many years?  and the driving reasons are the Plover? and How it will be impacted?

Shame on the state/fed, but typical.......