Firefighter Report

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    Firefighter Report

    The firefightrers report by�their own union�iindicates that they show no alcohol or drugs based on witnessess by the fellow firefighters.� This is an absolute joke.��What�kind of answer�would you think you would get with this report done by their own union.��Would the report change if they had access to autopsy information?��I doubt it.� The report means nothing unless it is done by an independent thrird party that would be agreeable to the union and the management.� But I doubt that would ever happen.��What the union is doing is basically covering their a$$.

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    Firefighter Report

    ��� The report actually does not say they weren't impared - it just says drugs and alcohol did not pay a role in their deaths.� Sorry- I do not think firefighters should be impared by drugs and/or alcohol, period.

    "The panel's report does not address whether Cahill or Warren J.Payne was impaired by drugs or alcohol, saying panel members didn'thave access to autopsies on the two men. News reports on the autopsiessaid they showed that Cahill was legally drunk and that Payne hadtraces of cocaine in his system.The panel did, however, determine that drugs and alcohol played no role in the deaths."

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    Firefighter Report

    Does no one see the irony of the Irish Firefighter being drunk and the black one being on coke?

    ...and then the Union being completely blind about it?

    And here I thought the writers were on strike.

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    Firefighter Report


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    Firefighter Report

    �What are you accusing me of being?� A homophobic gay-basher?� But that would make me a bigot like you.� I'm too civilized for that.The only thing civil about you is your civilian status. -->-->I've been watching your stupid, hateful and thinly veiled threats and rants posted on many of these boards, and quite frankly, you've brought a knife to a gun fight.� Even some of the less-abled debaters herein have been snuffing you left and right. It's a little pathetic to watch, but you've brought it on yourself, so I don't mind a touch of pile-on.-->-->You're a very simple minded jerk off who has many, many issues to deal with, least of all with your ethnicity, neighborhood-oriented paranoia, and some catholic-guilt thrown in. -->-->Now, in rebuttal, why don't you let us all know how intelligent you are, and how many degrees you hold?-->-->�

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    Firefighter Report

    This Fire Commissioner has Brass Ballz.� The City of Boston needs strong and effective leaders like Roderick Fraser who don't give a damn about stepping all over the powerful International Association of Fire Fighters.� This is� Fraser's second major public battle with the Union, the first being games played by some bad apple Fire Fighters on disability.�� Mr. Ed Kelly YOU are the one who fails to "accept responsibility".� You have a responsibility, �as head of the union, to protect the safety of Fire Fighters and the good citizens of Boston.��The union should welcome drug and alcohol testing of its members without making outrageous demands at teh bargaining table.� Step up and be a man or shut your face!Boston Fire Commissioner Roderick Fraser today blasted the findings of a report about the deaths of two firefighters, saying that he would reopen the inquiry and hire medical experts to scrutinize autopsy results and toxicology tests. The report by the panel is incomplete, Fraser said, and he wants to definitively determine whether drug and alcohol impairment played a role in the deaths of Warren J. Payne or Paul J. Cahill. The panel members said in the report that they did not have access to the autopsies. News reports on the autopsies said they showed that Cahill was legally drunk and that Payne had traces of cocaine in his system.In a day that saw three dueling press conferences, the fire department union shot back. �The commissioner just doesn�t want to accept any responsibility,� said union president Ed Kelly. �He wants to shift the responsibility to two firefighters who lost their lives. We think that�s a disgrace.�

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    Firefighter Report

    I agree with you entirely.� The finding is fraudulent without all the information and or without even addressing relavent information they know exists.� Moreso, it is a slap in the face to their union members, the majority of whom would never condone or embrace this position or any issue that impedes on the performance of their safety and work.��.� It's an insult to other unions who work hard to deminish the anti union mantality and I can't imagine it could help the families that are already dealing with their loss and now have to read and hear this continued contraversy.��� I don't know Roderick Frasier, but his stance is deffinitavely one of responsibility as he will have to answer to why, how and when these firefighters engaged in the activities in question, remained active on the job while entoxicated, resulting in extreme harm, and how he will prevent this to occur in the future.

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    Firefighter Report

    You make me yawn with your pseudo-psychic babble. More like psychotic, actually.-->-->BTW ... as far as I can see, the only one talking "gay" here is you. Not I ... there were no gay issues at heart ... so; you damn yourself with your own sophomoric rants. And another BTW � the use of the term �lifestyle choice� is a dead giveaway for a phobe. �And as have been proven time and time again, scratch a homophobe, reveal a racist. (A southie racist � now � there�s a novelty.)-->-->Done with you. You're too light weight to even play with.-->-->

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    Firefighter Report

    Both the fire and police unions are down-right shameful.�� The sad part is that I have a ton of respect for how the police chase crooks�and for fire-fighters doing their thing.�� But that said, the way the police union�argue for traffic details and firemen seemingly just argue everything, is just terrible.��Starting pay may not be the best, but for for relatively modest educational requirements there seem to be a lot of them making six figures once they are 45 years old, and the sweet pension deal translates into a pretty good thing compared to people in the private sector who may make more money but are totally dependent on their savings and the stock market for retirement, not to mention health insurance.Are the jobs physically dangerous? Absolutely.� But then again, many people thrive on that danger and swear they could never have a desk job, so I consider the danger to be as much of a perk as it is a threat.� Want proof?� Think about it this way. How long is the waiting list for the fire-fighters exam and how many children want to grow up to be accounting managers?�

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    Firefighter Report

    My opinion is that they are acting like entitled union hacks.�� They have momentarily lost track of the fact that they are firemen or "civil servants".� They are� only focused on� 'whats in it for me" and the cushier aspects of their retirement perks.�

    Let's remember that this department also suffers from rediculous levels of sick-time and abuse of the disability system, even when compared to other departments.

    "A recent report by the nonprofit Boston Municipal Research Bureaucomparing police and fire operations cited a "rational staffing modelin the stations and units" of the Boston police. The same report cited"a history of embedded culture resistant to change" in the FireDepartment. It can be a toxic culture, too. The Globe reported recentlyon a slew of Boston firefighters claiming tax-free disability pensionsrather than regular retirement benefits. One odd practice enabled morethan 100 firefighters since 2001 to retire with higher disabilitypensions after claiming on-the-job injuries while filling in forsuperiors at higher pay grades. Injury leaves alone jumped likewind-whipped flames from 2003 to 2006, costing taxpayers more than $40million." (Globe 1/27/08 and previous reports)

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    Firefighter Report

    There is indeed a systemic problem with both unions. The problem gets worse when you have unions that act in a collusive manner ... eerily similar to the way the Mafia enforces their "rules". I saw the union "heads" explaining why, exactly, this information was left out of the report, and their "excuses" were an insult to anyone who can understand 1st grade English. The truth of the matter is these guys are so insulated, it doesn't really matter what we think. They're arrogant and self-serving. The problem becomes a matter of institutionalized fear mongering that the union heads inject into the rank and file.�Personally, I would like the government to begin RICO investigations of both departments. The manner in which they operate, the coercive manner in which they gain compliance from their members, their extra-legal efforts to force their employers (who would be us) into caving in to unreasonable demands is not beyond the scope of a Grand Jury.

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    Firefighter Report

    are you our of your mind???� you must then be part of the mafia......� perhaps a Martirrano?

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    Firefighter Report

    Well, someones trailer trash is showing.� On another note, I would like to thank the commonwealth of Massachusetts for making my home state the leader in civil rights and fairness for all of its citizens, gay marriage is a resounding success and low and behold the sky has not fallen, straight marriages are not suffering (other than they always had been) because of it.�� Bigotry and hate will not prevail thanks to a younger generation that believes love has no lable, two non related same-sex couples�should enjoy the same benefits as our straight counterparts, my wife and I will teach our children that no matter who they love we�support them. �The old saying is correct whether it takes 10,20 or 100 yearsSo goes Massachusetts, so goes the nation.�

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    Firefighter Report

    Latest news...Boston Firefighters CHEAT on the civil service examination for Lieutenant; exam results thrown-out by the State. Now, we have cheaters to add to liars.I am glad to see the Globe go after the bad apples in Boston Fire. It's time for the reign-in��the union bullies suxing�dry the public tet!!!!!!!!