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    The Boston Globe is reporting that flu cases are rampant this year around New England.

    Do you think it's a particularly bad season for the flu? Share your experiences.

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    This is the first year no one in my family has got flu shots, but it's also the first winter no one has been sick.� We've had a couple minor head colds, but no flu, no fevers, no out of school/work.�

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    my kid complained of a fever and is sneezing. he took a zinc lozengeand clocked at 100.6 degrees...hoping it's not the start of somethingbad.� we've got anime DVDs and david mamet's "state and main'' ifit's a stay-at-home weekend.

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    My whole family has been wiped out for the week. My daughter missed three days of school, I missed work, my wife is upstairs now with a fever, chills, cough and one of the twins has a fever over 103.... the other twin is so far healthy... but I'm sure she is next....

    I had the flu vaccine at the beginning of winter, but apparently this flu type isn't covered...

    Much worse than last year....
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    The whole perception thing is ridiculous too. I left work early yesterday and told my co workers I am not going to sit in the office with all these people coughing to my left right and over my shoulder. Its disgusting. The perception of what I did unfortunatly does not show that I am willing to fight it out. I COULD CARE LESS�Meanwhile these sick idiots come into the office and they unwittingly knock out healthy workers like myself...yet I get to be percieved as weak while they don't/.If your sick, and know it, use your sick or�vacation days stupid!� I have never ever in my life ever heard of anyone getting demoted or fired because they used their�sick �days. Use them. And if you are worried about perception, don't make your problem mine by coming to work.� You are �useless anyhow coughing and hacking, creating disturbing noises all day. Showing up sick won't get you a raise either. Stop acting like we live in Russia or Nazi era where you will lose your job for not coming in. This is the USA, its run by the young, No one cares anymore how hard you work. Those days are gone.� Your managers are like you and understand you and don't like the big bossman micromanger who keeps tabs either.� Perception I say....perception. It is all about stupid perception and that is what costs companies billions every year. In the end we are all food for the worms. WHO CARES.

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    I decided to get a flu shot about 8 years ago as it was administered through my place of employement free and I was getting older.� I am very rarely sick and hardly ever get a cold.� Immediately following the flu shot I got ill with what was labeled as the flu (not to mention a very sore arm where the shot was given) and was in agony for about 4 months as it migrated from my head to my lungs and back to my head again.I beleive that you have to be exposed to germs and viruses when your young in order to build up an immunity.� I am thankful I didn't have a mother that "bleached" everything, ran around with disanfectant and let me play in the dirt!�Think of all the medical shows people watch, or better yet, horror flicks.� They all mention building up an immunity! :-)

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    for the second time in 10 years I did not get a flu shot. I know alot of people say they don't work, etc. but in my case the two seasons I did not get a shot, I got the influenza virus. Right now Im shivering have a headache and my temp continues to spike, luckily yesterday was the 102, today only 100. I feel like a bus ran over me, i ache all over, can't eat and only want to sleep. My biggest fear is that my 3 YO daughter will catch it, so far she has just had sniffles but no fever. At least I can take Nyquil and knock myself out tonight. ive been pushing multivitamins, B12 lozenges, antiviral tabs, pretty much anything else I can put my hands on....the flu stinks...I feel so crappy. I actually took myself out of work so I would not expose my co-workers to this, I realized early last week (oh, did I mention Ive been sick for 8 days?) I was coming down with something bad.
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    I don't get the flu shot for myself or the kids because it contains thimerosol.�

    I am just now recovering from the flu, I've had it since wed and it was a doozy...high fever, aches and pains especially in the head and the kidneys, lots and lots of congestion.� I was delirious for 24 hours and my husband actually took time off of work on Friday to take care of me and the kids because I couldn't do it on my own.�

    The husband and kids had the cold part but thankfully not the fever.� And we're n the mend, slowly but surely.

    Good luck if you have it...

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    For next season, please at least vaccinate your children, especially if they attend daycare or play groups.� The flu vaccine is available preservative free.� Your pediatrician should have explained this to you.�� Some adult medicine�practioners also use the preservative free vaccine.��

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    Ya the flu has been horrible this season.� So many people have it.� What you have to realize though some people can't afford to stay home because they may not make a lot of money.� Right now I have been out of college for 2 years and I am in a temp job, so I have to go to work no matter what because I am paying rent and college loans.� I don't make enough to be able to stay home.Also some jobs do fire you on the spot if you miss a day of work or more.� Someone told me one of their friends once lost their jobs because they called in sick once.

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    I have been lucky so far...