This newspaper and the folks who run it are simply amazing!  They ASSUME that because they associate with and live around people of means that the rest of us should just go along to get along.  Where the editor of this paper gets off by claiming that  most people would favor a tax increase is beyond me.  Does this guy live under a rock or what?  We are getting slammed with one tax after another and now Governor Patrick wants more, a lot more.  I'm not questioning the apparent need for the additonal monies.  I'm questioning the timing and the use of this money.  Really now, a commuter rail line to New Bedord and Fall River?  That will go over like the airport in Worcester where millions of dollars were spent on a place that up until last week had no scheduled airline service.  Facts are facts and cannot be denied.  We are paying way too much money in order to live here and between the Governor and the Legislature they have to figure out a way to do more with less, the same way that we have to.  We just cannot keep raising the bridge.  It's unsustainable.