This probably belongs in the National news section, but she was from here.

Legend had it that the twins would have had the same hold on their market, no matter how many, or even whether they helped to sell papers at all.  Their market, the legend goes, was the newspaper publishers' wives.  A and A forever preached that old time religion, which was sold quite directly to the publishers' wives, who were a power center in their own right. 

So the story went:  Back at the mansions, the husbands got away with pushing the limits in appealing to the prurient appetites (for violence as well as sexual content - now known as "production values") of their readership by keeping "Abby" or "Ann" on the payroll.  The essential moral of their every story:  Men live for one thing.  Women live to guard it.  To every question, the answer: Abstention.  Two or three morality plays in eight inches, served with breakfast daily.  The moral counterbalance.

Ms. Winship stepped across the line, choosing more complicated or nuanced issues, giving pragmatic advice, and even talking about body parts, paralleling the advent and era of Our Bodies, Ourselves.  Midwife, if not mother, to a new generation of advice columnists for whom resolution is not black or white.  Likely took more courage on her and Mr. Winship's parts than we'll ever know.

I hope she got the message from readers in return, that the title of this thread was delivered to her daily.