I didn't say across the country.

But the dental school scenario did happen to me about 15 years ago.

He pulled it and plugged it up with cotton bandages and told me to go buy some asprin when the novocaine wore off. 


The only bothersome thing I have about me is my feet.   Over the years I've pulled a hamstring in my left leg; twisted my ankles a few times.   But my feet aren't broken.   Altthough the interior ankle part of every pair of shoes I wear - wear out .

If I were to walk into a doctor's office; he'd ( or she ) probably hand me some lamebrain walking soles.  No thanks. 

X-rays?   I said my feet aren't broken. 

MRI?   No thanks. 

Medication?  Are you kidding me?   

So far for most of my life; medication only works on two things. Headaches and Toothaches. 

Medication never works ( in my case ) on body pain and discomfort.  Back, feet, knees, arms;  shoulder,  neck,  etc.