Is Patrick Flip-Flopping on Secure Communities?

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    Is Patrick Flip-Flopping on Secure Communities?

    Governor Patrick has decided that Massachusetts should "opt-out" of the federal government's Secure Communities program after deciding months ago that the state would participate.
    I have to say, I do not understand this decision..nor do I understand the reasons for opposing the program. Massachusetts is joining several other states in expressing concern that the law enforcement will use the program to engage in racial profiling . First, I don't understand how this can be a concern, since the way Secure Communities works is that biometric information ( fingerprints) in addition to being shared with the FBI would also be shared with ICE as part of the program. The last time I checked, fingerprinting was done after arrest and not before.Therefore the concern about racial profiling..or the other concern about the program discouraging victims from reporting crimes makes little sense. The last time I checked, victims were not fingerprinted.
    Also, fingerprints are already shared with the FBI, a federal agency. What is to stop the FBI from then making that database available to ICE?
    Finally, I am tired of reading stories about people criticizing law enforcement when it regards issues of illegal immigration. Why is the assumption that police... the people who lay their lives on the line every day to protect US... are going to do the wrong thing. More importantly, what does this say about our society if we have such a lack of faith in the people who protect us? Maybe I am naive, but I think the more tools we give police and law enforcement to protect us, the better off we are.
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    Re: Is Patrick Flip-Flopping on Secure Communities?

    Hi Greg...Boston will continue to participate regardless. They were one of the pilot cities of this program. You are right about it not being a right wing plot against illegal immigration....even though most of the right wingers would have us believe that Obama is soft on illegal immigration..or even pro illegal immigration..actual enforcement is up under Obama as is the number of deportations.
    My feeling is that although I think the majority of enforcement needs to happen at the corporate level...I think any program that helps get criminals off the our streets is a good one..especially one that is not infringing on anyone's rights.