Is weather reporting too sensational?

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    Is weather reporting too sensational?

    The media is simply trying to promote the need for itself. If a topic is very important, scary, different, or exciting, then folks will stay tuned for more coverage. Everything is Breaking News. The unfortunate result of course, is that we can no longer trust the media.

    Regarding the weather, I have come up with an idea to finally enforce accountability within the weather prediction industry. My goal is to motivate our meteorologists into improving their craft and to remove the sensational element from their predictions. The website is in stealth mode now.
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    Is weather reporting too sensational?

    What i find most annoying is that the overly-sensational weather reports are always exaggerated towards the downside. 

    For example, if we are in the midst of 5 great days of weather...they will lead with "Possibility of showers on the horizon"....or in bad times..."UP TO 8 inches of snow" when the range is 4-8 inches.  The actual weather is almost always better than they forecast it to be, but rarely is it worse than they forecast it.

    But I do love the obligatory footage of the reporters tramping through the 2 inches of snow in the winter, as well as the reports from Cape Cod during a Noreaster...
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    Is weather reporting too sensational?

    I have a good idea:  How about a "batting average" for tv meteorologists!  Get a percentage of the forecasts they actually get right and put it on the t.v. screen as they do their forecast. 

    "Hey, I'm not listening to Lemanowiz's b.s. forecast.  The clown has a .450 forecast average!  He can't even get it right half of the time!"

    It'll keep their hyped up "worst case scenario" forecasts - and facetime on the news - to an absolute minimum.