MA Census Results.

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    MA Census Results.

    Some interesting trends right here in the Bay State. 


    The Asian, Hispanic, and black population in Massachusetts increased sharply in the past decade, with the first two groups rising 46 percent, and the latter group 26 percent, according to new US Census figures released today.

    Secretary of State William F. Galvin released the figures showing an increasingly diverse state at a State House news conference. He said the white population, by contrast, had decreased by 1.9 percent, though whites still accounted for the overwhelming majority of the state's residents.

    Galvin also said the population in Boston, the state's largest city, had increased, growing to 617,594 in 2010 from 589,141 in 2000, a 4.8 percent rise. At the same time, he said, the Census numbers showed a shift in population away from some other cities toward suburbs and rural areas.

    At a morning news conference, Galvin initially had said Boston lost population, a fact that was reported by numerous media outlets. But the Menino administration immediately disputed the figures and Galvin planned to clarify his numbers at a second news conference.

    "We are confident that our population continues to grow," said Dot Joyce, a spokeswoman for Menino. "Boston is a growing, vibrant city."

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    Re: MA Census Results.

    We already know relative to other states Massachusetts' population isn't growing as much, that's why we're losing a Congressional seat.  Not much of a success story in that.

    Now Galvin should do an analysis of whether the percentage of people on public assistance grew or shrunk over the same time period.  Another cut of the data he should consider looking at is which segments of the population are paying the most taxes and who is paying the least, if any at all.