Next Thursday, March 1, there will be a hearing concerning MBTA cutbacks of service and price hikes.

The MBTA is trying to balance its books on the backs of the public who depend on their service. Our community now has it's opportunity to be heard in this ongoing story. 

I imagine this hearing to be quite full of people from different walks of life expressing their displeasure with being forced to change their lifestyles so drastically. 

I think it is great that there is this process so the public can be heard. But it has occured to me there are other voices to be heard and who I hope will attend this hearing.

Several large corporations conduct business in one way or another on one bus route in particular to be discussed. This bus route brings them customers and employees dozens of times a day. Will any representatives from CVS, Westin Hotel, McDonald’s, Burger King be there to voice their concerns about what’s happening in their community? IBM, Tufts Health, Hilton?
I'm sure each and every one of these corporations have said they are part of our community. Next Thursday they will have the opportunity to prove it.

Do you think management from the corporations in communities affected by MBTA cutbacks should voice their concerns?