Oil prices hit a new high

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    Made in America - completely? Where are the parts made?

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    No offense takenI've never worked in the automotive sector, so I have no first hand knowledge on how that industry operates.� However as a mechanical engineer, a car in a machine period.��If�owners want to drive it hard then it will not last.� I've seen many car abused to the point where it will either costs� alot of cash to fix or they trade it in.� Most do the second option.� My 96 Nissan Altim has 225,000 miles on it and still runs, it has some problems, as most 12 year old car will.� You might be missing the point,� manufacturing moves to where labor costs less. Always has and always will�you don't have to look far.� All the textile mils in New England first moved to the southern states because labor costs where less, now it has moved over seas.�The same goes for clothing apparel, toys�and most plastic goo gagets you see these days.� A lot of this is very low tech items.� It is a problem?� Yes and no.� Of course I would like to see alot of good producted in this country.� However, as a home owner, and a father with two kids under 3 yrs old with a stay at home mom,�I and most middle class people can not and will not pay $100 for a pair of blue jeans or sneakers, I/we just can plain afford it on one salary.� So unless a companies can product goods at a reasonable price, they going to have a hard time competing.� For example every walk into a Aristotle Clothing store, who are they marketing to?� Kids, why because they have more buying power than me,because they don't have bills like a house, car, kids, ect.As far as high tech devices made in USA.� Ratheyon and most large military corporation manufacture items in America.� In fact Crane� paper in Dalton, MA manufactures the paper the government prints it currency on, I use to work in that area. Boeing, Ford, GMC, IBM, Catapiller, Pella Windows�are other examples� I work in biotech and alot of medic devices and instrumentation is made in house.��Like I said before you just don't see it because it does not impact every day consumers.� Alot�of these items are made here because they are far to high tech to send over seas or for national security reasons.�Here is another point to think about, where manufacuting goes engineering is not far behind, but that depends on what industry I'm working it.� If I design plastic goo-gagets, then my job could be moved over seas.��I don't think your being far to call a lot of companies greedy.� Yes I'm�sure there are a few companies I would rather not work for.� But alot of these companies are publicly traded, so if a company is not�making a profit, share holders will fire the CEO, CFO, ect and if it gets bad enough the company folds, like Eastern Airlines, Pan Am.� �Remember companies exist to make a profit.� Yes Exxon makes incredible profit,�and everyone seems to think of them as an evil company, but what about Microsoft, Walmart, Target, IBM, AutoDesk and Compaq, Boeing�there profits are just as high.� But do you or me or anyone knows what their operating costs are?� I don't think pumping oil in the middle of the Atlantic or Artic oceans is a cheap thing to do.� I don't think refining oil is a cheap thing as well. Or developing the next version of Windows is a free-bee or the next commerical aircraft. Are all these companies evil, should we abolish them and break them apart, because of a few bad apples, like Enron, WorldCom or Martha Steward?� Now do I like to see oil hit $100 per a barrel, no of course not, unless I'm invested in it, but its a publicly trade commodity, like other goods, like precious metals and some food items.� Ado until next week�

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    So I'm suppose to buy everything from websites? Not all that convenient. But thanks anyway
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    Oil prices hit a new high

    You are one person who is actually on the right track. The fact of the matter is we have the ability to free ourselves of foreign oil we just lack the political will to do so. Consider this: Algae based biofuels yield between 5,000-20,000 gallons per an acre depending upon the strain of algae you are using. If we allocated 1/5 of the state of New Mexico, where conditions are very conducive to producing algae, we could generate enough energy to fuel to free ourselves from the grip of opec. This would lower fuels prices and food prices. Because it would not only lower the demand for corn based ethanol it would also decrease the cost of transportation which causes an increase in food prices. However, because of the Iowa caucuses, which candidates from both parties want to do well in the emphasis is on ethanol. Corn based ethanol yields about 30 gallons an acre. Roughly it takes about 7 barrels of fuel to make 8 barrels of ethanol. The math is simple it just does not make sense economically or environmentally. What we also need a comprehensive system to encourage and promote property owners to install solar roofing panels and solar singles, perhaps through a tax incentive or rebate program. This would not only decrease the strain on energy supplies but it could also give the opportunity to promote manufacturing sector job creation. These solar panels can be built in China or they can be built in Buffalo, Cleveland, Akron, Detroit and Flint. Given China's recent track record, I'll take the panels built in Flint. Lastly, we also need to pass legislation that promotes the conversion of existing homes and new homes to geothermal heat. The issue here is the initial cost which varies depending on the size of the structure. Installation of geothermal unit can run from $20,000-$50,000 depending on the size of the home. If you are planning on living in your home for 20-30 years this is a very attractive option. But again this might need some form of tax incentive to get off the ground. But it would also provide a slight boost to a now struggle construction sector.
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    Oil prices hit a new high

    most American's don't seem to understand the effect of sending all of these oil dollars to foreign countries.�� if the payments keep going to way they do there will a further lowering of the dollar value.�

    so that will create inflation because we import so much.�� the� fed is stuck on this one,�� the only way out is to change the american habits and that is going to be a very uncomfortable process. ( can you say "lower standard of living " ?)

    American's have had their head in the sand far too long on this.
    We have encouraged extreme spending on homes and big vehicles while we should have been investing in efficiency and lowering consumption.

    when people were willing to invest $70K to redo their kitchen with a home equity loan, they should have been using the money for solar and geothermal sources.

    we have been consuming so much for so long we think its our right as Americans.� we have bred a generation of people that are convinced of their entitlement.

    take a bus ?�� that's beneath us.
    share a ride to work ?� it's inconvenient
    americans are so oblivious on this issue that they think it's all the governments fault.

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    I have a question.����Who controls the price of oil ?��� �Is it OPEC or the stock market ?�The way the price changes everyday it looks like it is the stock market.If that's the case,� the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    Thank you, President Bush (kneeling)

    May I have another...

    The porking of America goes on under a failed presidency.

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    One barel of oil (55 gallons) makes 19.5 gallons of gas. So take 19.5divide that by the cost of crude 103.00 per barel. That makes the cost $5.28 per gallon.

    Your calculation loads the entire cost of the barrel of oil into the gasoline.� There is, in fact, comparable value to the other products produced by that barrel, including kerosene, jet fuel, home heating oil, #6 fuel oil, lubricants, pitch for asphalt, butane for lighters, monomers for plastics, and products for various other chemical processes.

    Also, 55 gallons is a drum.� A barrel of oil is 42 gallons.� So the crude price on a per gallon basis is $2.45 when oil is at $103/bbl.� Add 30% and you get $3.19 per gallon.� It's only a rough calculation, but surprisingly close.

    (Actually..."the totalvolume of products made from crude oil based origins is48.43 gallons on average - 6.43 gallons greater than theoriginal 42 gallons of crude oil. This represents a"processing gain" due to the additional other petroleumproducts such as alkylates are added to the refining processto create the final products."� But let's just roll that into the 30% refining cost for argument sake.� http://www.energy.ca.gov/gasoline/whats_in_barrel_oil.html)

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    TBag, thank you for your thoughtful post and interesting links.

    Nuclear plants aren�t cheap...they cost $6 billion to $9billion ... China intends to spend $50 billion to build 32 nuclear plants by 2020.

    The economics in China must be dramatically different from here.� At $6-9 billion each, 32 nuclear plants would cost $192-288 billion, or 4-6 times as much as China plans to spend.� That difference will be depreciated over the life of the reactor, and affect the overall economics.� And as you point out, waste disposal is an issue, one which is of unknown cost at this time.� So the lower operating costs might not be enough to make nuclear the most attractive energy option.

    Coal, gasoline, methane/gas, ethanolall have emissionsExcellent point, particularly for coal.

    Look into [nuclear]...it's the best alternative we have.

    Much as I hate to admit it, John Edwards had a very cogent position on nuclear that he articulated beautifully.� He came down against it, though I remain ambivalent.� The potential benefits of nuclear are enormous, but the problems are as well.� I think a sensible energy approach includes the next generation of nuclear plants as one of many options, including wind, solar, conservation, natural gas, and clean coal (I see biofuel as a long shot, actually).� I think we need to diversify our energy portfolio, not declare one technology to be our "best" option and become as dependent on that as we are on oil today.

    Thanks again for your post.

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    My Honda is made in Ohio. Is that American or foreign?
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    Oil prices hit a new high

    As a nation, we have had over 30 years since the oil crisis in the 70'sto get our act together.� Our government and corporations chose not to.

    Let's place the blame where it belongs.� Jimmy Carter (and, to a lesser extent Gerald Ford) had aggressive conservation and alternative energy initiatives.� It was the voters who trounced Carter's reelection bid in favor of Reagan, who then shut down all of Carter's forward looking programs.

    We have met the enemy and he is us.

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    America is becoming a third world nation.� A population of spoiled, wasteful, fat people.� Energy pigs who have ignored oil crises in the past, turned a blind eye manufacturing jobs moving overseas, the erosion of the middle class, and so on, and so on.� Many government leaders are complicit, through many adminstrations, both Republican and Democratic.� The American people, a myopic bunch, is truly at fault.� Kids cannot do basic math, local governments running deficits, the world's best health care and so few can afford it.� What a mess.� What a shame.�� Depravity.� Welcome to the third world.��

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    sure cost of living goes up but as a percentage of family income our major expenses (mortgage, car, insurance, heating, fuel, health insurance, education, etc.) are ALL a greater percent of family income than was for our parents.� Growing up we lived in an affluent suburb and we could get by with only my father working (at a low-paying, not-for-profit child welfare agency) - my mother could stay home and watch us kids.� Today two parents with advanced degrees working full-time can barely scrape by (we're living pay-check to pay-check, NEVER take vacations, send our kids to public schools, don't own all the latest gadgets, never eat out, live in a small house with a tiny yard (i.e. NOT a McMansion), etc.etc.blahblahblah.� I agree - the middle class is getting squeezed the most these days.

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    Oil prices hit a new high

    When G. Bush was elected President many moons ago there were a few "things" you could count on. First & foremost, was his firm belief in Reagonomics. Deflate the dollar making it cheaper for US investment. ie-as an investor, short the dollar! This was a no-brainer. Secondly, he is an oilman...therefore what should you have done with oil futures? This may not be the smartest President we have ever had, but he sure made my portfolio significantly larger, because he was dependable. Generally that's a pretty good quality in a President.