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Proposed Danvers slot parlor

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    Proposed Danvers slot parlor


    A representative of PPE Casino Resorts told Danvers selectmen Wednesday that the company’s proposed slots-only gambling parlor at Liberty Tree Mall would employ as many as 700 people and would not require any expansion of the property.

    The meetings with selectmen took place at Danvers Town Hall and were held with two or fewer selectmen in the room to avoid violating the state’s Open Meeting Law, which requires a public body to post notices of meetings at least 48 hours in advance.

    The briefings were led by Jeffrey Snyder, who works for Cordish Cos. , a Baltimore-based real estate and casino firm that also owns PPE Casino Resorts.

    William Clark Jr., chairman of the Board of Selectmen, voiced his opposition to any slots parlor proposal after hearing Snyder’s pitch.


    What do you think of this proposal?

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    Re: Proposed Danvers slot parlor

    I hope this doesn't happen. I enjoy shopping at the Liberty Tree Mall...I can't imagine how terrible it would be with a slot parlor on the premises.

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    Re: Proposed Danvers slot parlor

    Salisbury Beach needs a's a no brainer...the place is a dump with a great beach, decent access by car and in need of some investment.  Think about it...the waterfront in Salisbury has several buildings...its sad that the nicest one is a strip joint....