Hate to break it to you who still work, earn a living and consider yourselves middle class.  Come 2013 your total tax bill for will be nearly 50% of every dollar that you earn.  Way to go Barack!  That's taking care of them!  Now more bad news.  A whole lot of that hard earned money of yours will then be sent to people who earn nothing, pay nothing and do nothing except take from the likes of you and me.  This is Barack's "core constituency" the 47% that Mitt Romney was taken to the woodshed over.  But wait!  There's more!  Soon, Herr Dictator will decree that all illegals are no longer illegal and therefore can go right on the dole (if they're not on the dole already) thus adding to his "core constituency" numbers.  The direction for America is downward until we either come to our senses and save this country from the liberal fools that are destroying it or we hit rock bottom, achieve Third World Status and become like Greece, Spain etc and turn into nothing more than a socialistic welfare state.  Hey, don't blame me, I'm just a messenger and I don't like these facts anymore than you do.  I am, afterall, an endangered species in my country, A White male.