Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) As Public Policy

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    Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) As Public Policy

    One way to improve academics, reduce violence and addictions and increase each community's quality of life is to take teach mental health skills in schools through social-emotional learning.   

    Meta-analyses of teaching social and emotional skills (recognizing emotion and practicing how to handle it) shows that such learning improves academics 11% and changes negative to positive behavior by over 20% as it applies to the general population. 

    See the national website for more information as well as a local site and, a Wellesley College program.   

    Section 16 of the Anti-bullying Law states that an SEL curriculum guidelines will be ready for implementation next June, 2011 for all districts interested in putting in a curriculum that will improve test scores and have children less prone to violence and addcitions.  

    Do you know about SEL?   Read about it and tell your neighbors so we can follow through with what the Mass Legislature started.
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    Re: Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) As Public Policy

    For me the issue is "education professionals" come up with pointless acronyms that leave average parents scratching their heads and feeling for their wallets. I wonder how many stupid acronyms equals another 100 bucks per person to the schools. The issue is the education community does not seem to reallocate the exisiting money as much as simply ask for more. As a parent volunteer I already give my time as well as money to the public schools. My time is vacation time that I do not spend with my family. What irks me is that with out legislative action the schools continue to let bullying happen. My sons have seen it, my coworker has had repeated incidents that the school ignored. So the legislative action is justified since legal action against the school does not touch the responsible school teachers or officers. The majority of the effort has been not to find blame against teachers and officers of the schools. They blame the parents, guns, sugary drinks, random acts of kindness, and any thing that does not point to a teacher or school official failing to take action. A teacher who harbors a bully because "he/she has a hard time at home" is just allowing the bullying to continue and needs to be fired without appeal.