Speaking Frankly: a better future

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    Speaking Frankly: a better future

    Well, after next year we will be represented in Congress by someone other than Mr. Frank. Before his time we greatly appreciated the services of Tip O'Neill, although some of our neighbors were exasperated at the slow pace of his growing opposition to the Vietnam War.

    After a redistricting in 1972, we campaigned vigorously for Fr. Robert Drinan, who had defeated former Rep. Philip Philbin of Clinton in the 1970 Democratic primary and had become one of the most outspoken opponents of the war serving in Congress. Unfortunately Congressman Drinan, as he preferred to be called, remained a distant figure. He rarely came to the community, and his staff were usually frosty.

    After Fr. Drinan was recalled from office in 1980 by the Pope John Paul II, Mr. Frank, a state rep. from Back Bay, leaped eagerly into the race, moving to Newton. We were impressed by his energy but not by his commitment to the district. We preferred David Mofenson of Newton in the Democratic primary; he came in third of four.

    Mr. Frank visited the community somewhat more often than Fr. Drinan, but like Fr. Drinan he remained an aloof, distant figure, whose work one might admire but whose interests in the community remained, at best, rigidly categorized, when not vague. He doesn't answer letters and has never been a person you could talk to. We look forward to a new representative in Congress who might be less striking but more involved with our community.

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