Squeegee Guys

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    Squeegee Guys

    Yesterday I had a run in with a squeegee guy on Kneeland St at Albany/Surface Artery.  It was around 5:30 in the traffic mess caused by accidents to the north on I-93 and a water main break on Rt 60 in Revere.

    They were working in pairs and as I came to the stop line he walk up to my car; I clearly waved no and yelled don't do it, but he sprayed Windex on my windshield anyway and then reached over with his squeegee.  I put on my wipers and he got splashed with his just applied spray and yelled, "what are you doing"?

    I said I'm protecting my care and told him to back off, he said I had no right to splash him and I said he had no right to touch my care.  There were a few expletives and luckily the light changed and I moved about 100 ft and the altercation was over.

    Squeegee guys give the city a bad name and make it uninviting; especially for out of towners not used to this.  The city should crack down and roust these bahstards as they give the city a bad name.
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