Ticketing Drunk Drivers

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    Ticketing Drunk Drivers

    Nice start, but how about:

    1.  Tailgaters,

    2.  Red light runners,

    3.  Intersection blockers,

    4.  Illegal turns,

    5.  Turns out of the middle of the road,

    6.  60% of the bicyclists.

    7.  Failure to signal,

    8.  Just keep on going.
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    Ticketing Drunk Drivers

    There are many people I would LOVE to ticket--especially the ones who pass me in no passing zones when I am already speeding.  People have come to think they are more important than anyone else and therefore are justified in doing what they want.

    I did get a couple of good laughs in though--I was doing the speed limit and the guy behind me got pulled over for tailgating me, and the day I saw a guy go straight across from the "Left Turn Only" lane and get pulled over.  That makes me smile. 

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    Ticketing Drunk Drivers

    I think ticketing reckless driving behavior (e.g., items 1 - 12 above) is appropriate, but I would not ticket drunk drivers.  Anyone who gets behind the wheel of a car inebreiated even once should have his license revoked for a year.  Second offense for two years, and continuing upward by powers of two.
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    Ticketing Drunk Drivers

    Thank god they haven't started ticketing for ogoling the hoties along the Esplanade while driving... otherwise I'll have to start writing a lot of checks...

    [Quote]how about

    9. backs up because they missed the exit?

    10. dropped the pipe?

    11.  Doing eyeliner  or makeup?

    12. Reading newspaper?[/Quote]