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Why do you live in the Boston area?

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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    That's an easy question. 

    Because I love Boston. 
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    I only live in Mass because my family still does, otherwise I don't necessarily see why I should stay.  The weather is pitiful in the winter and in the summer, the humidity is oppressive.  Combine that with choked out traffic and everyone and their mother descending into the Boston area on a daily basis, I'd much rather move to a warmer climate. 

    I think many people like it here because they feel they're part of something, that they're living in an important place (unlike, say, living in Des Moine).  It's overrated.
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    Re: Why WOULDN'T I live in the Boston area?

     Seriously folks, I've gone through the pro's and con's of other areas of the country and have heard the opinions of many who have lived everywhere from Florida, the Carolinas, California, Idaho, Texas, etc.

     Florida's humidity is intolerable except for 3 months, too much crime, unemployment and hurricanes. California is similar, although the weather is much nicer, but earthquakes and mudslides and torched lawns are a bummer and the "culture" is a bit flaky to say the least. In the affordable areas - which are scant , homes are on 1/8 acre postage stamp lots and everyone has a 6' fence circling their property.
     The Boston area is an excellent compromise. Although a little congested and definitely not laid back, most people enjoy the higher pace. Although real estate has been on the high side, you get a lot: the suburbs offer reasonable sized lots, lower than average unemployment and a wide diversity of industries, plenty of shopping and services, some of the best medical care and teaching hospitals in the world, close proximity to the ocean, and a welcome change of seasons. As for the snow, some need to take a lesson or 2 on driving on snowy roads, then commuting wouldn't be such a nightmare. My wife would be totally bummed if she didn't have the fall to look forward to after a hot stretch of summer. My only other choices might be Hawaii or St. Maarten, but we enjoy our families too much to move.
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Came here in 1979 to follow a man -- stupid reason.  A prisoner here now because of husband's family and children.  Austin, Texas?  North Carolina?  Anywhere else?  Sure!  I'd love to leave the snow, the rude people (see yesterday's article), the dirt.  I'd love to garden more than 3 months a year.
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    I live here because I share custody with my kids, and my ex isn't going anywhere, because her family/friends are here.  So I'm stuck.

    I tell myself that the generally miserable climate makes us appreciate "nice days" so much more than those who live in, like, San Diego or Phoenix.  Which is such a crock.  It's like saying "You're better off in a marriage that's 80% miserable, because you appreciate the 20% that's ok even more."

    I do love Boston, it's my lifelong home, but I'm over it and would move in MINUTES if I could.  But I can't.
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    The Irish side of the family showed up in Lawrence in the 1840s.  The French Canadian side walked south to Lawrence in the 1890s for jobs in the mills.  This is home, and I've got a lifetime of local memories from the snowstorm of '78 to the Red Sox win of '04, and many more. 

    I stayed put while my friends have moved all over the globe;  I stayed for love, for family obligations and because I don't see the point in picking up and moving someplace new where I would experience life there as an outsider or a longterm tourist. That having been said, there are far worse places to be stuck than Boston. I enjoy the seasons, public transportation, the proximity to everything, the cultural and entertainment offerings, the architecture, and the crusty exterior of a typical New Englander, which protects a loyal, smart and funny interior.  If you're cold, you can always put on another layer of clothing or move around a bit; if you're hot, you can only strip down so far. Wink

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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    I love snow, hate heat, and I love the weather here.

    I grew up in the DC area, and moved here in 1974. Why? On my very first visit, in the spring, my plane flew over Boston Harbor during its approach. The moment I saw the harbor, the islands, and the city, I knew I was home. I've lived here ever since.

    I think choosing "home" is perhaps the most important choice a young person ever makes. I think that other choices -- especially partner and career -- are best made in that context, rather then vice-versa. It takes years to really learn how the light hits a certain window in a certain room over the seasons,  decades to really learn about a neighborhood and a town, and a lifetime to really learn about a region.

    That's why I live in the Boston area.

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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Because we love the awesome government and politician types who steal from us, the amazing weather that keeps us inside, the fantastic roads made possible by that awesome government, and the deteriorating infrastructure from decades of neglect. 

    Actually we just can't sell our homes because nobody else wants to come live here. 
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    I was born and raised in Boston and lived there until my early 40's.  I moved to FLA 5 years ago mainly for the better climate. I have come to learn that the weather should not be the reason to move to FLA.  From May to October you can't even leave your home because the heat is so oppressive you can't breathe.  The state is flat and ugly.  No mountains or harbors.  The culture and medical and education is sub-par compared to the rest of the country.   Well, guess what?  I'm moving back to Boston in the spring and I cannot wait!  I didn't realize I would miss Boston so much, but I have.  I miss the coastline with the beautiful harbors and lighthouses and sand dunes of Cape Cod.  I miss the mountains and the change of seasons.  The hospitals are the top in the nation and so is the education.  I miss the culture, the museums, the cuisine, and the colonial history of New England.  I have saved the best for last and that is the sports.  What other city has the Pat's, BoSox, Celtics and Bruins?  They are all at the top of their game (better luck next year Pat's) and I have enjoyed very much routing for my home team's.  Whether they win or lose I'm still a die-hard, loyal fan.  See you soon Boston!!  Can't wait!  Also, good riddance to FLA. - a very dull state.
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Born and raised in MA but left four years ago, and love living in SC. Love the weather, the friendly people (not to mention that they are happier as well), and the traffic is a fraction of what it was in MA.

    Schools and healthcare are as good if not better than MA, you just need to do your research and find the right community.

    Do still love my Boston sports teams, but I have a TV and still get to an occasional game (probably just as often as when I lived in MA).
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Where else in the US has the Boston's mix of urbanity, mountains, and the sea.  NYC?  Fine when you're a young adult, but leave before it makes you crazy (I did.) and visit it for a 'city fix'.  (It's Disneyland for grown-ups.)
    Bothered by cold? where else would you want to live? 
    DC? It's not a city. and not warm, except when it is, and then it's unbearable.
    VA, NC, SC, GA? Once any Bostonian expressed a political/religious opinion there, they'd llikely be tarred and feathered. Good BBQ though.
    FL?  Please.  Suitable only for the 'newly-wed and almost dead'.  (add 'brain-dead'.)  I'd prefer to spend 3 months a year sitting in front of a fireplace rather than an air conditioner, and while you can find intersting spots, they are few, far between, and rapidly vanishing in the malling of America.
    TX? Austin is nice. and tiny. and surrounded by Texas. Mountains? no...hills.  The sea? no...lakes.  You do see the occassional Prius, but it's a city in name only. Fair BBQ and Tex-Mex. Fun for a couple of days, or maybe if you're 21.
    AL, LA - Swamps...politically, socially, culturally.  Good BBQ though.
    AZ, NM, NV - They are deserts....People (and their brains) die in deserts.  They are pretty...and pretty bleak.
    CA?  LA is awful.  SD is not a city (but La Jolla is beautiful).  SF is great, but I couldn't afford a decent place to live there, and it's not really warm.
    As the Standells sag: love that dirty water...
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Born and raised in North Dakota.  Visited Boston twice in 2009, and made the move by myself in 2010.  I've been here for about a year and love every second of it.  As for "bone-chilling temps,"  this winter is a tropical vacation from what I'm used to. :)  When I found out you don't have to plug in your cars during the winter out here, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.   When I hear Bostonians whining about how cold and snowy it is, I just smile and shake my head.  They have no idea what 'cold and snowy' is.
    To the poster who stated this: "I don't see the point in picking up and moving someplace new where I would experience life there as an outsider or a longterm tourist."  I couldn't disagree more.  Moving to the east coast has given me so much more opportunity, and I've experienced so many different and unique things that I never would've done back in ND.  Plus, I never could've worked for the Red Sox living in ND! Laughing So I would say this move was definitely the right choice for me, and I don't regret a thing!
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    I left Boston after living there for over 50 years. I look at the snow and I do miss it! Crazy as it sounds, I miss the beauty of New England winters. Florida is warm and sunny, but Boston will always be my home town.
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Great question BDC.  There are a lot of first time posters on this forum. Welcome!


    I logged on only to make fun of jkj – wah wah wah…. My grandmother settled here too (off the boat) & I’m glad she did.  I still live in the town that I was raised & will probably die here too.  I have no desire to live anywhere else. 


    I usually enjoy the winters. though I can do without the snow (except on Christmas morning) but I love the cold & refreshing weather (but not the heating bills). 


    I hate spring which brings the rains which causes major flooding in my basement. Summers are tolerable except when the humidity is high & I wouldn’t trade the autumn months for anything.


    I love going into Boston by T & being able to drive to NH or VT in a couple of hours.  I love all that Boston & surrounding towns & cities have to offer.


    Don’t forget folks. We don’t have terrible floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc. as other parts of the country.  I’ll take the snow any day.


    By the way, jkj is one of my favorite posters. He knows I’m teasing him.

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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Lived here all my life.  Went to Northeastern U.  Work here.  Wife works here.  3 of 4 kids still live here.  Mother (100) and father-in-law (93) live here.  Love the city and the culture and vibrance derived from huge population of young collage grads and students.  Don't mind snow or even cold, but paying the oil bill and high taxes are making us consider relocating to a warmer clime when we retire... soon I hope.
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Because my great grandparents settled here.  Its nice being native to an area and knowing it as well as other lifers do.  Informal social networks are strong, access to work and school opportunities are awesome.  Family connections close by makes for better living, imo...

    And to all you outsiders and recent arrivals that complain about rotaries, weather, bad bagels and bad pizza, go back where you came from!  We'll get along without you.  I also love the friendly New England attitude ;-). 
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    What a ridiculous question!

    I used to live in Houston, Texas.  Walking outside in the summer constituted being waterboarded due to the high humidity & heat.  I haven't even mentioned hurricanes, tornados & flying roaches.  There is no zoning, which allows bizarre & ugly mishmashes of "development."  Billboards are everywhere as a form of a billboard version of The Jerry Springer Show--"Are You The Daddy?" or "Owner Has Brain Damage!" (My personal fave.)

    A little snow?  *meh*  It'll melt.  I won't.  
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    A little perspective, folks.  I lived in Boston for 10 years, including 1995-96.  I love the city, and hope to spend my waning years there.  BUT...let's not get too nuts over Boston's snowfall totals.  I grew up outside of Buffalo.  Being a young man in '95-'96, I wondered what all the fuss was about.  Boston has bad winters, Buffalo has bad winters.  Then I called my father, who told me that the average snowfall in Buffalo is 120" a year.  And if you want some real perspective, I'm writing this from Mammoth Lakes, CA.  They got 209" of snow...THIS PAST DECEMBER ALONE!  Over 300" for the winter so far.  I think the moral of the story is:  If you love where you live; and it snows where you live; you shovel snow.  The addendum being that it's likely people somewhere are shoveling more!
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Just moved here from the Netherlands 9 months ago and I love this often sunny, snowy winter. True it is cold, but much better than the dutch winter, which is typically 4 months of depressing grey wet weather with temperatures just above freezing. 
    By the way-I'm very impressed by the fast cleaning of the streets after snowfall: still riding my bike to work :-)
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

      I  have  lived  my  hole  life  in  1  sq  MILE,  N    its  GOD"S   COUNTRY               YES   ( CHARLESTOWN )  02129 .  My  family  will never  leave , and  now  the  house,s  cost  $  1  million dollars!!!!  BINGO .
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Because this is home, deep down in my soul! I was born in Mount Vernon, NY and grew up outside of Manhattan, the child of a Massachusetts woman and a Harvard graduate. We moved back to MA in the early 70s when I was 9, so my 'formative' years were here. Since then, I've lived in Chicago, Atlanta and 13 years in Los Angeles, where I went for graduate school and stayed. Four years ago during a Thanksgiving trip I made the decision to return, sold my LA condo at a huge profit (Thank you LA housing market!) and bought a small Cape just inside 495 where I hope I'll live forever.

    Boston has smart people, great health care, fantastic culture and yes, seasons. I don't regret for a second my years in other cities, but this is where I belong. And where I can wear all my LL Bean clothes without looking like a freak Wink
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Smart people, innovation economy, charming historic city neighborhoods, cultural, progressive, forward thinking, on the ocean, close to vermont, green summers, autumn leaves, big enough but not too big, diverse, ethnic, open minded, public garden, emerald necklace, north end, liberal, nonreligious, intellectual, public transportation, good hospitals & healthcare, world class universities, fenway park, MFA, ICA, Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, back bay, beacon hill.

    I know there are frustrating issues that we all gripe about, but the good outweighs the bad. 
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    I am  a  poor man!
    in my 60's! Thats a why Iam stiil living in Boston />
    the Past boston of the 50's was the best Boston!
     Now its a all Hispanic- and run down_ East a Boston  is all drugs & gangs and cars.. & guns. its the same every where in Boston.  The City of Boston is decadence ! & a Cancerous FenWay Park!
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    Re: Why do you live in the Boston area?

    Boston and MA is a disaster of a place to live. Horrible weather, rude and arrogant people, over inflated costs, crumbling infrastructure and liberal moonbats all around. I am moving to Texas soon and can't wait to live this area. Boston and MA is a liberal lost causes moonbat of a state which has a bleak future.