Why Isn't The Media Doing Its Job?

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    Why Isn't The Media Doing Its Job?

    The Framers of Our Constitution knew the importance of having a fair and free media.  It seems that the very idea has lost it's meaning in this day of Media Cheerleading.  Do any of you honestly believe that we get the real truth from the Media?  Do any of you honestly believe that so-called journalists ask candidates the relevant questions?  Isn't it the job and responsibility of a fair and unbiased media to seek out and report the truth?  The medias "hands off" policy with regards to Obama and his administration is a complete breach of responsibility.  Imagine a member of Obamas staff having 24-7 Secret Service protection and not one person in the media inquiring as to why?  This very  newspaper that affords us the opportunity to express our views and opinions could easily be a the poster child for the medias failure.  This newspaper and others like it are nothing more than cheerleaders for the liberal agenda.  To call the Globe a fair and responsible journal would be a reach.  I will reevaluate my opinion of the media and the Globe in particular the day that I start to see some honest to goodness in depth reporting instead of the cheerleading that we get every single day.

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    Re: Why Isn't The Media Doing Its Job?

    "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


    The framers of our Constitution believed in the power of a free press..they never addressed the concept of fairness. How could they? "Fair" is a subjective term. What is fair to one person may not be considered fair to the next.


    Fear not..however..because you as a consumer have choice! I have no doubt you can go online and find some media outlet reporting on the things you find important. My guess is that the mainstream media doesn't cover the stories you referenced above because they are simply not newsworthy ( ex. out of the ordinary).

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    Re: Why Isn't The Media Doing Its Job?

    "Fair" should possibly be replaced with "ethical", and if you've ever taken a course in journalism, this is a point of debate if ever there was one.  

    As for the WSJ or the NYT, they are well known media news outlets with staunch followings,  and while they may have a slant or a bias, they are not known to fabricate or create mythology.  If I'm being naive, then I've been bamboozled.  :P   PLUS, they write kick azz articles on other subjects as well.  I'm hooked on Maureen Dowd; what a fox.  

    As for the disdain for the media overall, Wdywn is correct; there is a long, contentious  relationship between the media and politicians, it is not a product of recent political divisiveness; it has, however, never been worse than it is now, and even the media has openly admitted it.  Quite a mess.  

    The American public primarily reads news to be validated, not to learn or be enlightened; there is evidence of this everywhere.  Is that the fault of the media?   Not entirely, but it has certainly played a role.    

    Most of us are disgusted; at least that is something we can all agree on, n'est-ce pas?