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Kentucky: Representative Tom Burch in a newspaper letter speaks of sexual abuse by priest in 1940s Bopanopawitz
4:47 PM
1 1424 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Former Knights of Columbus Supreme Chaplain, promoted to archbishop of Baltimore, just can't seem to get away from the bishop-enabled child sex abuse sewer. Bopanopawitz
8:28 PM
1 1425 days ago by Bopanopawitz
When Sex With Altar Boys Was Profitable: Cardinal Dolan's "Acts Of Charity" Memo Reveals "Pay Away The Lay" Payoffs Bopanopawitz
1:14 AM
1 1427 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Philadelphia archdiocese says it has spent $11.6 million in legal fees over 21 months Bopanopawitz
12:45 AM
1 1427 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Bishop enabled cancer continues to spread. New Jersy - Catholic boys school faces child sex abuse allegations Bopanopawitz
12:43 AM
1 1427 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Priests not content with bishops on sex abuse front. Here's what they say: Bopanopawitz
10:21 PM
1 1428 days ago by Bopanopawitz
A Church built by a leadership whose majority shields child molesters and rapists has NO MORAL AUTHORITY! Bopanopawitz
12:58 PM
1 1429 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Bishop-enabled priest:: "The priest always started his favorite “game” by having the young boy remove..." Bopanopawitz
9:28 PM
1 1429 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Pittsburgh Catholic High School a den of inequity. Bopanopawitz
1:47 AM
1 1430 days ago by Bopanopawitz
What wold the Virgin Mary do? Bopanopawitz
2:29 PM
1 1431 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Hey Kirk - Jobs Report May 2012: U.S. Employers Added 69,000 Jobs In May As The Unemployment Rate Rose To 8.2 Percent WhichOnesPink2
9:25 AM
1 1432 days ago by WhichOnesPink2
Cardinal Dolan, Brazen Liar? Bopanopawitz
5:21 PM
1 1432 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Like a compass points north, all guilt leads to Rome. Philadelphia Bopanopawitz
5:18 PM
1 1432 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Finally, Major News Organization takes on Birth Certificate Controversy! StalkingButler
9:02 AM
1 1433 days ago by StalkingButler
Milwaukee Catholic Archdiocese confirms paying off troubled priests to leave Bopanopawitz
12:00 AM
1 1433 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Amtrak: melodrama of the Commons AppDev
6:38 PM
1 1433 days ago by AppDev
On final day of testimony, Philadelphia monsignor apologizes for priest’s sex assault Bopanopawitz
1:06 PM
1 1434 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Slap on the wrist StalkingButler
3:13 PM
1 1434 days ago by StalkingButler
Funny how Kirk hasn't posted this... WhichOnesPink2
10:43 AM
1 1435 days ago by WhichOnesPink2
Albany, NY: In light of Catholic Church Leaders' crimes against our children, they continue to revel in "statute of limitations" nirvana. Bopanopawitz
6:25 AM
1 1435 days ago by Bopanopawitz
Hawaii: Former Damien teacher and chaplain accused of sex assault Bopanopawitz
12:09 PM
1 1436 days ago by Bopanopawitz
This Memorial Day Remember the Heroes of the USS Liberty sheople_r_braindead
9:01 AM
1 1436 days ago by sheople_r_braindead
The Swiss have had Obama care for 20 years Kirk6
2:37 AM
1 1436 days ago by Kirk6
The Sheeple Have Been Punked into Submission by Their TV LIARS and Own Cowardice sheople_r_braindead
9:17 AM
1 1437 days ago by sheople_r_braindead
Washinton Times: Hawaii State Registrar DOES NOT VERIFY authenticity of Obama's birth certificate sheople_r_braindead
9:12 AM
1 1438 days ago by sheople_r_braindead