NIST's hypothesis; Fires weakened the structural steel supports allowing the upper portion of the towers to collapse downward onto the lower structure, percipitating in a global collapse.

However, many truthers have observed that Newton's Laws would have to be violated in order for this to happen.  Problem being, attempting to explain the physics of the collapse in terms of Newton's laws of motion have proved futile, as the complexity leaves everyone confused, and rightly so.

Finally someone has made the Newton connection understandable for the average person to really grasp. 

Take a look at the experiments conducted by Jonathan Cole, a Licensed Professional Civil Engineer, and see why the NIST theory is physically impossible.

Jonathan H. Cole, BS CE, PE – Licensed Professional Civil Engineer, States of Connecticut, Florida, and New Hampshire.  Over 28 years experience in civil engineering and construction management, including building, bridge, utility and infrastructure design. Statement in support of Architects and Engineers petition: 

"There is so much evidence that has yet to be 'debunked' or explained by the 'official story'.

The initial antenna drop in WTC 1 before the perimeter walls drop, accelerating into the path of most resistance, the concrete dust analysis and energy it took to make it, why the corners of the towers did not collapse at the same rate as the floors, the cut up core columns at ground zero, the lack of any photographic evidence whatsoever of any 'pancaked' floors, the time it took to collapse, the energy needed to throw steel hundreds of feet, the squibs well below the collapse wave, and of course the collapse of WTC 7.

Until such time that all this can be clearly explained without the use of explosives, I will throw my lot with fundamental laws of physics rather then the 'official story' which defies those laws."