A message for women

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    Re: A message for women

     Last I checked, Mourdock doesn't represent the entire party. Nor does Obama represent his entire party. Don't write someone off because of the party they belong to. Write them off because of what they believe in.

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    Re: A message for women

    I wonder how many folks out there feel like i DO:

    I really don't care if a woman does/doesn't abort. My issues are simple:  1) NO federal $$ should be spent on it, even for "low income victims" of pregnancy (PROVEN rape and incest excepted; the fact it happened, having the perp arrested, charged, and indicted, NOT an actual conviction, post trial)     2) A safety net is put in place for the males/baby daddies to opt out of child support if the mother wants to carry full term (Why should the decision rest solely with the mother? After all, it's the male's wallet that has an interest too. Should we elaborate on the fact that it takes two to conceive? This provides full protection under the law. BOTH parties, in the majority of unwanted pregnancies could have, yet didn't act responsibly to prevent the pregnancy during their intimacy.)    3) There is sufficient information AND items out there that can 99.9% guarandamntee unwanted pregnancies. Failure to access them is an act of irresponsibility. No excuses, including but not limited to: embarrassment, didn't think it would happen to me, only the first time, etc, and other excuses. With so much stuff out ther, the only women that get pregnant WANT to get pregnant, or else they would have availed themselves of adequate protection. (Sorry, not going to even consider the excuse of the birth control failing. Failing products are off the market.)