Bad News for the Republican Party: Americans Are Becoming More Informed

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    Bad News for the Republican Party: Americans Are Becoming More Informed

     Bad News for the Republican Party: Americans Are Becoming More Informed

    By: Rmuse at Politicus USA


    There is nothing incompetent about Romney’s campaign. They are selling broken down Bush policies with the value added benefit of Draconian cuts to every program that ninety-eight percent of Americans depend on, and few are buying their austerity-to-benefit-the-wealthy and corporations pitch. Americans still disapprove of Bush’s malfeasance, but they know he cannot do any further damage to America. Romney and Ryan, however, have promised to raise taxes on the poor and middle class, provoke another Middle East war, and make Draconian cuts to social programs that would make Bush blush.

    For the past year and eight months, Republicans in Congress and state legislatures assaulted the American people with cuts to safety nets and promise to decimate them more if Americans buy their rhetoric that half of the people are takers robbing the makers, and although they find party loyalists willing to support their Draconian sales pitch, most Americans are not easy marks for their bait and switch supply side economic sell. Americans fell for Bush’s hard-sell on trickle-down economic theory twice, but they are not ignorant enough to buy it again, and polls show they are not.

    Romney’s campaign is doing a competent job promoting tax cuts for the rich and cuts to education, Veteran’s programs, food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare, but the people are not buying. Romney’s assertion that 47-percent of Americans are parasites was probably the only time during the campaign he has been truthful about his estimation of the American people, and coupled with his and Republican pledges to slash spending on programs Americans depend on certainly represents their best path forward. However, after eight years and a Great Recession, the last thing Americans are going to buy is a remanufactured Bush that promises to be defective and dangerous before the deal is done in November, and Romney’s flagging poll numbers prove it. If Republicans cannot learn that Americans are becoming informed consumers, and if they persist selling the same broken merchandise with a different salesman, then it does not matter how efficient they run a campaign, because the American people are not buying the rubbish Romney and Republicans are selling; especially after buying the same junk from Bush… twice.


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    Re: Bad News for the Republican Party: Americans Are Becoming More Informed

    Americans are becoming more informed.  And more Americans are paying attention.  And more democrats are showing up in the polls of Murdoch&Ailes's and the EIB network's favorite statistical universe: "likely voters".  And now the loyal opposition's theme is that democrats are being oversampled.  Might there be a relationship among these dynamics?

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