From Coast to Coast Americans are angry. Overpasses is just one of many grassroots movements out to raise awareness and demanding Obama be removed, and have recently gained the support of and  teamed up with the Tea Party.  Below is the the most recent press release. along with some photos of protests that have taken place over the summer. Even while of vactation on the Cape Obama couldn't catch a break as many people frome Ma and RI followed and staged protests.
Here is the press release:
President Obama will travel on Friday September 20th, 2013 to visit the Ford Assembly plant at Claycomo, Missouri.

Obama will be greeted by the Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment (Overpasses for America).

Missouri state leader for Overpasses, Jesica Burch will be joined by the Founder of the movement, James Neighbors, who will be traveling to the protest to greet the President along with the energetic patriots of the Missouri chapter.

The grass roots Overpasses movement began in June 2013 and has swelled to 50,000 members in just 3 short months.  Rapidly becoming veterans of protesting, the Missouri chapter has already faced arrests in St. Louis, but remain undaunted in their mission to see Barack Obama tried and convicted of many crimes during his tenure in office.

The group lists many events and scandals that are impeachment worthy, such as Benghazi, Extortion 17, IRS abuses, Rosengate, intentionally signing the unconstitutional Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), Fast and Furious, billions of US tax dollars funneled to Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, circumventing the Constitution with illegal appointees, unconstitutional executive orders, constantly attacking the constitutional rights of Americans such as Free Speech, Freedom of Religion, and the Right to bear arms.  The group states this is a short list of crimes that Barack Obama has committed while in office, and emphasizes that even the stonewalling of Congress for the Fast and Furious and Benghazi scandals is an impeachable offense.

Overpasses stresses the need for Americans to stand together, and implores Americans to end the petty partisan bickering, and make an example of President Obama, so that future generations of citizens will live free, and Congress will understand that they are the servants of the American people, and the people are not the servants of Congress.

The movement also emphasizes that their goals expand beyond removing the Obama from office, and that they intend to protest regarding the 2014 mid-term elections with the intention of swaying voters to remove entrenched and corrupt politicians from Washington DC.

Overpasses Founder and President James Neighbors emphasizes that the group is non-partisan, made up of every walk of life, and that political party plays no part in who is welcome to join, pointing out that there are many Obama voters who have joined the movement.  

To further stress this point, Missouri organizer Jesica Burch stated that “We welcome anyone who loves America, and understands that the Constitution is the foundation of this nation.  Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independent, it doesn't matter.  If you love America, and want your children and grandchildren to live a good life, and enjoy the same freedoms you grew up with, then you need to join Overpasses.”

The organization has already staged hundreds of protests across America, and on September 28th, they will stage a synchronized national protest, The Patriot Wave, and ask all Americans to join them, even if for only a few minutes.  

Founder James Neighbors said “If you see a protest group, stop what you are doing and join us!  We always bring extra signs, and would love to see more Americans standing up for their rights.”