Drone attacks on US citizens

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    Drone attacks on US citizens

    Mmmmmm..... nit aq peep in Der Globe about the Amateur In Chief's DOJ jester OK'ing drone attacks on US citizens withiout the need of a warrant, or allowing the person to defend themselves in court. And, best of all, El Amateur Supremo would be the one to call the shot. Seems to me I've read about this kind of stuff happening in the past..... Rome, Russia, Germany....

    Any more questions about the reason for and the apparent need for the 2nd Admendment? Possible for a tyrannical govt to be in existance? Naw!!! As long as one person can call the shot... El Supremo, the Gifter. And these are the folks saying it's OK to go out and "finger" someone, in teh name of national Security, but the Patriot Act infringed on their rights. God knows you can't possibly execute someone after they've been tried and found guilty by a jury of their peers. But, find them in a back alley in Washington, and POOF! That's OK.

    The Three Stooges couldn't come up with this script!!!!!    

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    Re: Drone attacks on US citizens

    If he's in a combat zone combatting Americans than he's a combatant.  We are not in the habit of checking birth certificates of people who shoot at us in combat zones, nor should we.  If they start targeting people on US soil that would be something.  However Posse Comitatus prevents the power of the government in that manner.