In a word.  Boring.

Newtie seemed to be the clear winner; if not early on. 
The only reason that seems the case is when two people ( usually Romney vs. someone else ) start bickering over details; there's Newtie with a quiet calming soothing voice of reason. 

As they say " the adult in the room ".

Problem is Newt's a loser. He'll look good under the lights debating Obama but if people really stop and ask themselves this question - they won't have an answer.

In a general election; what non-conservative voter finds Newt Gingrich even remotely appealing? The mother of all partisan government insiders shows a softer side; a cleaner side and somehow that makes him "presidential". 
A delusion if there ever was one.

Romney had yet another bad debate.
He didn't make any mistakes or gaffes. 
He just wasn't on it tonight.
Understandable given the lame field of candidates.
I venture to say he might look his best every debate if instead of Bachman, Dry Mouth Jon Huntsman, Pizza Boy and Rick " I forget " and Mr. Magoo; he had real people to debate against like Chris Christie, Mitch Daniels, Donald Trump and of course, Paul Ryan. Domestic Policy, War, Money.
Ron Paul seems to be the annoying embodiment of liberatarianism.
What is that you ask?

"it's none of our business"
"we should mind our own business"
"government shouldn't be involved"

If Ron Paul ever could become president; count on him not doing
much of anything besides sitting in the oval office watching the
room collect dust.

Yeah, real world leadership you can count on. 

A child in a time-out would be more productive.