"As ALWAYS, instead of following up on these reports by multiple eye witnesses, there will be a complete blackout. There will be only ONE "Official Story". It's always the same."

I wrote that, the morning after the staged event.

A lone nut, once again went crazy with a gun.

Obviously, this event means we need the government to do anything required to "keep us safe"

First, we need to ban all guns, so only criminals (both street and government) have them.

And, of course, we need TSA agents groping everyone at Movie Theaters, sporting events, in the Malls, public parks, and sidewalks. And maybe even in our homes. Gottaaaa be saaaaafe you knowwwww....baaaaahhh....baaaahhh

Lord knows when a 90 year old might be hiding a bomb in his colostomy bag or a baby in their diapers.
Sounds funny huh?

The fact is that's where they're going with all this.

Now for the witnesses. There are six of them, so far.

One witness said a guy in front of him got up and opened the exit door the shooter entered, waving someone to come in, before the shooting.

The "Official Story" has this guy "kicking In' the door.


Check it out next time you go to a movie theater. Modern theaters (like this one) are all the same now. Vince Wolfork would bounce off it like a ping pong ball. What a joke. It's laughable on it's face if you think about it.

Does that register? The "Official Story" is, once again, an blatant lie. Only those too frightened, or those who are paid to promote the lies, will even attempt to argue that.

Another witness says one tear gas canister came from one side. Another came from the other side. 

After that, the shooting starts and everyone is ducking for cover. Who knows what was going on then. Nobody could even identify him because he had a gas mask on.

Then, they end up "catching" the guy, who had no weapons, and was just standing next to a car.

When they asked him about why he "boobie trapped his apartment he said "because I wanted to kill the police".

Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. He wants to "kill police" but instead has no weapons to do it when they come. Then he  he goes ahead and tells them about the "boobie traps" because "he wanted to kill them"?

Uh huh. And they expect that nobody will give it a second thought. And, the sheep will prove them right.

And let's not ask where the police were at a major opening of a highly anticipated movie in a very tough, gangsta' part of town. I heard a former Denver cop say they would always have a heavy police presence at that theater for big movie openings like that.

Forget about the fact that Obama is trying ram the UN Small Arms Treaty through congress in a couple weeks. I'm sure everything is always a coincidence because I WAS born last night.

In fact, just remember to be scared and you'll be just fine.

For everyone else, the MSM video interviews are here:



I'll be back with updates as they come in.

Forward this to people. Everyone needs to start understanding that this stuff is always staged. We always end up finding that out. The lame stream media is paid to black out the truth and parrot the lies until the sheeple are programmed.They use these events to pass nasty legislation and further implement their police state. Let's put a stop to that right now.